Is a Disney ‘The Red Comet’ Movie Based on the Gundam Franchise Really Being Made?

Disney The Red Comet
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The Gundam franchise from Japan is well known at this point. It first premiered in 1979 with Mobile Suit Gundam and has since become a massive and influential mecha anime franchise. For this reason, there is no doubt rumors of a Disney “The Red Comet” movie by Pixar would generate much interest. The name given to the character Char Aznable is easily recognized among fans.

However, would the entertainment giant really dive into this anime franchise for a film with Pixar? We at Disney Fanatic are here to fact-check this Disney “The Red Comet” movie claim.

The Red Comet Gundam

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The Gundam Franchise and Char Aznable

The Gundam franchise is a long-running mecha anime and media series created by Yoshiyuki Tomino featuring giant robots known as mobile suits. Fans love it for its complex characters, intricate political themes, and epic battles that explore war, conflict, and the consequences of technology. It’s celebrated for its rich storytelling and iconic mobile suit designs.

The Red Comet, also known as “The Crimson Comet,” is a nickname for Char Aznable, one of the Gundam franchise’s most iconic and enigmatic characters. Char Aznable is a recurring character in multiple Gundam series, and he is often remembered for his distinctive red mobile suits and complex, morally ambiguous personality.

Char Aznable first appears in the original Mobile Suit Gundam series, which aired in 1979. He is a Charismatic and skilled pilot who becomes the primary antagonist to the series’ protagonist, Amuro Ray.

Char’s alias as the “Red Comet” comes from his habit of painting his mobile suits, particularly the MS-06S Zaku II and later the MS-14S Gelgoog, in a distinctive red color scheme. His custom red mobile suits are known for their exceptional performance and combat abilities.

Char’s character is known for his mysterious background and pursuit of vengeance against the Zabi family, who are responsible for his father’s death. Over the course of multiple Gundam series and movies, including the original Mobile Suit Gundam, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack, and others, Char’s character undergoes significant development and reveals his complex motivations and ideology.

Char Aznable’s character and the Red Comet persona have become emblematic of the Gundam franchise, and he remains one of the most popular and enduring characters in the series. His red mobile suits are also iconic symbols of Gundam as a whole.

Is Disney “The Red Comet” Real or Fake?

A recent poster has been spreading online claiming that a Disney “The Red Comet” film was in development by Pixar based on the Gundam franchise. It seems exciting enough, featuring what could be the iconic mobile suits in the background and potentially reimagined characters like Amuro Ray in the forefront. Sayla Mass also appears to be in the background as well.

However, this image is fake and created by artificial intelligence (AI). The dead giveaway is the Disney and Pixar logo, which looks wrong and is portrayed twice over the logo. Since Disney has never announced a “The Red Comet” movie or any collaboration with the Gundam franchise, it is definitely someone’s desire filtered into an AI image generator.

Disney Movie: THE RED COMET
byu/MSGDestiny inGundam

The emergence of generative AI programs such as Bing Image Generator has caused many of these fake images of Disney posters to pop up online. Many people see them on social media and instantly search for more information. It has become a major and annoying problem for the company.

While a Disney “The Red Comet” film is sadly not in development, it doesn’t mean the House of Mouse doesn’t have some amazing films in the works. Unless Disney or Pixar makes an official announcement, it’s best to be skeptical with any posters you see online right now.

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