Kal Penn Joins Disney+ ‘Santa Clause’ Series, Will He be the Next Santa?

The Santa Clause Series
Credit: @kalpenn (left); Disney (right)

It looks like Disney+ fans got one more present under the proverbial tree. Kal Penn will be joining Tim Allen in the cast of Disney+’s upcoming The Santa Clause series.

Kal Penn, The Santa Clause Series

Credit: Tw: @kalpenn

The news was first shared by Deadline, which says,

Kal Penn has been tapped as a lead opposite Tim Allen and Elizabeth Mitchell in The Santa Clause, Disney+’s upcoming limited series… Penn will play Simon Choksi, an ambitious game inventor and product developer and a devoted single father. Simon can talk the tech-mogul talk but can’t walk the walk, and his dreams of being the next Bezos falls drastically short. But all that changes after a visit to the North Pole. 

Penn’s character will arrive at the North Pole as the current Santa Claus, Scott Calvin (Allen), is once again yearning for a life South of the Pole. Our favorite Santa is on the brink of his 65th birthday and is starting to lose his magic. Realizing he can’t be the man in the red suit forever while also dealing with two North Pole-raised kids who could use some experience in the real world.

Tim Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell, The Santa Clause

Credit: Disney

But Scott can’t just walk away. He needs to find a suitable replacement. The question is, who could that be?

Coming from a comedic background of the Harold & Kumar franchise, but also brings dramatic television experience from his roles on House and Designated Survivor Kal Penn will undoubtedly bring a well-rounded performance that will make audiences of all ages laugh and cry.

Penn’s character is arriving at the North Pole in a very similar situation as Allen’s Scott Calvin did so many years ago: a single father trying to make a splash in a toy-like industry.

Tim Allen, The Santa Clause

Credit: Disney

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As the development of this holiday series gets underway, the latest news has this reporter wondering: Is Disney setting up Kal Penn’s Simon Choski to be Scott Calvin’s Santa Replacement? At this point, only time will tell.

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