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Want to have a hand in choosing which limited-time churros Disney serves this summer? Now you have the chance! The Disney Parks Blog has announced two new polls for Disney Guests who visit Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort.

National Churro Day is taking place on June 6, and Disney is celebrating the holiday with some special churro flavors for Sunshine Churros at Disney Springs and California Churro at Downtown Disney District. There will be three special churros, and the churros with the most votes will make up the trio that is served to Disney Guests between June 6 and June 12!

For Sunshine Churros at Disney Springs, you have three options for your vote. The Double Chocolate Churro comes with a chocolate sugar coating and a chocolate sauce. Apparently, Disney Guests request a chocolate churro often, so this one will probably be a favorite in the polls!

The Golden Dragon Churro is an interesting take on a Blue Ribbon Corn Dog and was developed by the general manager of Sunshine Churros. The Golden Dragon Churro includes Panko and sriracha mayonnaise!

golden dragon churro

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

If you want even more chocolate from Disney, and you loved the Halloween churro from California Churro, then you’ll want to vote for the Peanut Butter Lovers churro. Cinnamon sugar, milk chocolate sauce, peanut butter sauce,  and peanut butter candy will make this a decadent treat in any season!

mint chocolate churro

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The California Churro at Downtown Disney District is offering its own unique churro flavors for the second poll. The Caramel Apple Churro sounds self-explanatory, but also delicious. It features sweet apple sugar and caramel. The Mint Chocolate Churro is a bit more unexpected, but as usual, mint icing and chocolate sugar make a great pair!

strawberry churro

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The last option for your vote is the Chocolicious Strawberries and Creme Churro. Strawberries and chocolate are another great pairing, but this churro also has marshmallow fluff and cinnamon sugar as an homage to the Mexican snack cake that is called a Gansito.

You can vote in both polls here on the Disney Parks Blog! Are you headed to Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort between June 6 and June 12 for National Churro Day and its accompanying treats?

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