Disney World R&R – 12 Best Ways to Relax At WDW Resorts

When you’re headed off on a Disney vacation, you’ve probably got parks and characters on your mind. However, the resort that you stay at during your trip to Walt Disney World can be a crucial part of your stay! With all of that excitement and travel in between parks, you’re going to want a scenic and restful home away from home. Here are ten ways to really enjoy your resort and the relaxing refuge that it can offer!

12) Visit the arcade. Being off the grid during a vacation can be an excellent way to let go of the real world for a few days, but a little old-fashioned gaming can be a surprisingly fun way to unwind!

11) Survey your resort’s events—without any pressure. Not everyone wants to join in on games and activities at their resort, but the best part about your resort is its completely casual nature. Even if you’re staying at an upscale resort like the Grand Floridian, you do not need to experience any obligations about resort events. If you want to join in, go ahead! It will be fun! If you’d rather observe from your lounge chair, that’s completely fine as well.

10) Sleep! Whether it’s a nap by the hot tub or a day of sleeping in, you are bound to get some good sleep at your resort. How could you not, surrounded by happy people, gorgeous scenery, and the iconic Disney magic?

9) Meet new friends. Walt Disney World might very well be one of the only places in the world where everyone you meet is probably happy. Happy people are more conducive to new friendships, so go right ahead and talk to some of your fellow guests! There is something freeing about bonding with strangers, especially when you’re all sharing in the same magical resort’s opportunities! ​

8) Watch the wildlife. Although the Animal Kingdom may be Walt Disney World’s signature location for wildlife viewing and safaris, the native wildlife of Florida can be fun to see as well! Lizards can be found in both the parks and the resorts, and so can beautiful birds. Observing the wildlife at your resort might be far more entertaining than you think it will be!

7) Wake up early or stay up late. The quiet peace of an early morning or a late night can bring a special kind of serenity to your trip (beautiful sunrises and sunsets don’t hurt, either). See some behind-the-scenes maintenance and appreciate your resort at its most tranquil times!

6) Sign up for a Disney wake-up call. If you have a schedule that requires you to get up early, a harsh alarm is not going to help you start your vacation days on a relaxing note. With Disney wake-up calls, you can sleep with the knowledge that Disney will get you going for the day, courtesy of a cheerful character on the other end of the line!

5) End your night with a movie. Swimming in one of the Walt Disney World pools can be a delightfully refreshing experience, and adding a movie to the swim will make it even more memorable. Relax after a long day of fun with a late-night movie showing, and enjoy sharing the experience with other visitors!

4) Lounge—anywhere you want to! Benches? Pools? Your bedroom? It is marvelously easy to find locations for relaxation at a Disney resort. Just pick a spot, rest your feet, and absorb the sunshine (with sunblock)!​

3) Swim. Yes, there are water parks in Walt Disney World, and they do have their own fun to offer, but on a particularly hot or busy day, you won’t want to trek to another location. Stay home for a while and enjoy lounging in one of the beautiful—and themed—pools that Disney has at its resorts!​ Check this out: Top 5 Disney Resort Pools.

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2) Dine at your resort. Do not assume that the food at your resort will be anything less exquisite than that of the major Disney locations. Satisfying food is all around you in the parks, and the same is true at your resort!​

1) Explore your resort. If your schedule allows it, take a few hours or more to really look at your resort’s decor. Disney’s authenticity and detailed architecture are not restricted to its parks and attractions, and knowing your resort’s layout will not only help you travel through it more easily, but also remind you of all the activities and amenities that the resort offers. You may even find your own private sanctuary for relaxation!

By taking the time to actually relish your stay at a Walt Disney World resort, you can avoid missing out on some fantastic meals, scenery, and above all, rest!

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