Disney Park Guests Detail Close Call With “Incredibly Drunk” and “Rude” Visitors

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While a Disney Park is certainly a place of magic and wonder, sometimes things can go awry. Some Disney Guests shared a scary close call they had earlier this week with two fellow visitors who were misbehaving at the Parks.

Whether visiting the Walt Disney World Resort or the Disneyland Resort, Guests are expected to follow specific basic codes of conduct. Be this extending a simple courtesy and understanding to your fellow visitors, or be that to fellow Cast Members at the Disney Parks. But there have been multiple reported incidents of Guests not adhering to this etiquette.


Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland Resort/Disney

In situations like this, Disney has safety measures and policies in place to ensure the incident can be swiftly handled. Just last month, after multiple incidents of unacceptable conduct on the part of Guests, especially towards Cast Members and fellow Guests, Disney introduced a policy that laid out in no uncertain terms that the Mouse House expected Disney Theme Park Guests to be courteous.

Reddit user and Disneyland Guest u/frostylimit shared their account of what happened at the Disneyland Resort on the social media platform,

Shoutout to DLR Security

As my gf & I were making our way to Tomorrowland from New Orleans Square, there were 2 guests, who were clearly on something or incredibly drunk, rudely shouting at each other over crowds of guests. We just so happened to be headed in the same direction but it wasn’t until we got to the Hub that the caucasian guest started dropping the hard R around families

new orleans square disneyland park

New Orleans Square, Disneyland Park/Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

However, as the Guest continued in their post, what went well this time was that Disneyland security stepped in and addressed the situation quickly and efficiently. As the OP detailed, security directed the Guest to the exit and didn’t allow them to continue forward in the Parks.

Many fellow fans in the comments corroborated the compliment the OP paid Disneyland security, adding, “DLR Security is absolutely next level when it comes to things like this. They have teams that can come in from any park corner. If someone is already starting to cause a scene, there is a chance that security is already watching them and/or following them waiting for them to do something really dumb.”

Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort/Courtesy of Disney

Clearly, this situation was quickly identified and dealt with, and no one is reported hurt by the events. That hasn’t always been the case in the past—think the Magic Kingdom brawl at Walt Disney World Resort or other tragic happenings at the Disney Parks—so we’re incredibly thankful for how this situation panned out.

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