Disney Cast Member Performs Splendid Solo Boo to You Parade for Guests

Boo to You parade
Credit: @shaybella401, TikTok

Whether you are ready for it or not, it’s Halloween again at Walt Disney World. The 2023 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party has kicked off this August and is already popular. During the premiere festivities, guests waiting for the much-anticipated and pivotal Boo to You Parade got a truly magical moment from a very enthusiastic custodial cast member.

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Credit: Disney

Disney World’s Halloween Boo to You Parade

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disney’s Magic Kingdom is a longstanding annual event that transforms the park into a trick-or-treater’s paradise. One of its iconic highlights is the Boo to You Parade, a spooky performance that only happens during the event. Featuring Disney characters, villains, and eerie floats, the parade kicks off with the Headless Horseman’s ride down Main Street, U.S.A. It’s a great experience for young kids and families who love Halloween and want to get some candy while enjoying the park.

However, it wasn’t the Headless Horseman who stole the show at the premiere. A Disney World employee decided to provide her own solo parade performance, complete with her infectious passion and spontaneous dance moves. People often revel in the negativity swirling around Disney as a company lately, but it is lovely to see there is still some Disney magic and fun in its cast members.


Credit: Disney

Cast Member’s Boo to You Magical Moment

In a video that has since started to go viral on TikTok, user shaybella41 captured the magical moment when a custodial cast member decided to turn the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party parade route into her impromptu dance floor. To the tune of the Boo to You Parade music, the employee’s joy was obvious as she strutted, pointed, and thrived for delighted onlookers.

The video, which has quite a few reactions and comments, exemplifies why many love the Florida theme park. The ability to create moments of happiness and connection is a rare experience in this day and age.

Guests that lined the parade route clapped and cheered for the cast member’s unscripted show. You would think this performer had been planning for this moment with her perfectly timed points and rhythm.

TikTok user shaybella41 even managed to discover the identity of the cast member. Her name is Nicole (Tamika) Williams. People who responded to the TikTok suggested giving her guest compliments, and shaybella41 was way ahead of them!

We found her!! Her name is Nicole (Tamika) Williams and I gave her a cast compliment!


This Cast Member was living her best life in the “Boo to You Halloween Parade” at Disney’s opening night of Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party!??? #MNSSHP2023 #disney #bootoyouparade #bootoyou

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Cast Members Are the Heart of Disney World

This act of appreciation reaffirms that cast members are vital in making Disney World a vacation destination. It’s not just about the attractions and parades; the people make the Disney experience truly memorable.

This cast member is living her best life, and we are here for it. Perhaps every Boo to You Parade should start with this splendid solo preshow. We wouldn’t be mad about it!

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