Disney World’s Rarest Character Meet-And-Greet Requires a Dip in the Lake

Disney World otter
Credit: Disney; @lena-rose41, TikTok

Meeting characters at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is usually not a difficult endeavor. The offerings may change periodically, but the Parks do a good job of letting Guests know locations and options across the Orlando destination. However, there is something you should be aware of if you intend to head to the theme park soon. Magic Kingdom currently has an undisclosed and rare new character that is bringing Guests to tears and generating an intense fandom!

donald duck character meet

Credit: Disney

Disney World Visitors Cry After Spotting Rare Character

During a recent trip to Walt Disney World, LenaRose and her girlfriend managed to spot this extremely obscure character. As they explored the pathways before Cinderella Castle, they noticed someone in the lake near Crystal Palace. This immediately attracted their attention, as the two were not expecting an unadvertised character encounter in such an odd location.

LenaRose began to film the surprise meet-and-greet for TikTok. Upon witnessing the Disney magic greeting them from the water, her girlfriend burst into tears. Unbeknownst to them, who they saw is actually well-known among Cast Members and becoming a Disney sensation. Social media quickly provided backstory and information on the newest character to the Park.

Rope Drop Magic Kingdom

Credit: Judd Helms, Flickr

Bubbles at Magic Kingdom

Disney is no stranger to animal characters at Magic Kingdom. Many of the company’s most popular mascots are not human, and the Park is full of wildlife. However, this new character is a rare and adorable sight that has captured the hearts of everyone.

Swimming in the waters of Magic Kingdom is a river otter. Cast Members have bore witness to her charming presence and collectively named her Bubbles. LenaRose’s girlfriend is the latest to join the fandom. She immediately fell in love with the creature and expressed it in the footage:

Oh my god, I’m so happy right now! He’s so cute! I love him so much. I want to hold him and pet him.

LenaRose told her that otters are arguably not the friendliest of creatures in the wild. However, nothing could stop the emotional overload.

Disney World otter

Credit: Eric Kilby, Flickr

Disney World Otter

A Jungle Cruise skipper provided some extremely important information about Bubbles, making her even more alluring. Bubbles is a female otter, and she is currently raising pups in the river backstage of the attraction. The babies are too young to relocate, and so the mother and her pups get free rein in the Magic Kingdom waters until they reach a safe age.

Many Guests had no idea this unadvertised Disney World otter event is happening. However, they responded enthusiastically and approved of LenaRose’s girlfriend’s reaction. Disney is also aware of Bubbles, as the official Disney Parks TikTok account commented, “We support your feels.”


Oh yeah thats just the MK Otter ? #magickingdom #disneyworld #otter #disneypark #wdw #fyp #cuteanimals @victoria williams?️‍?

♬ original sound – LenaRose

If you are heading to Magic Kingdom in the near future, be sure to set aside some time for this potential Bubbles, the Disney World otter meet-and-greet. You never know when you could see her emerge from the water. However tempting it may be, we don’t suggest going into the lake for this experience. Stick to the shores and bask in her majestic and adorable presence.

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