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Disney Princesses Make Surprise Appearance in Legendary Brand’s Collection

disney princess american girl dolls
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The Disney princesses have just expanded their reach into a new limited-edition collection in the form of iconic American Girl Collector Dolls!

American Girl Dolls are classic American toys; these high-quality dolls originally represented girls from historically-significant times and were accompanied by merchandise ranging from books about their lives to historically-accurate costumes.

A New Kind of Historical Heroine

Nowadays, the American Girl Doll collection has expanded on an enormous scale and features many modern girls, as well as custom-made American Girl Dolls that can look like anyone.

Rapunzel, Jasmine, and Belle American Girl Collector Dolls

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A small collection of three Disney princess dolls has just come to the American Girl Doll website, and the three Disney heroines with the honor are Rapunzel from Tangled (2010), Princess Jasmine from Aladdin (1992), and Belle from Beauty and the Beast (1991)!

According to American Girl Doll News, only 4,000 dolls were made to represent each of the three Disney princesses in an effort to avoid waste and maintain the dolls’ limited-edition status (not unlike these highly-prized Disney dolls from a while ago).

belle signed certificate of authenticity

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Officially-Certified Disney Princesses

In addition, each Rapunzel, Jasmine, or Belle American Girl Doll will come in a box with her respective princess on the packaging as well as “a certificate with the doll’s production number and a “signature” from [Rapunzel, Jasmine, or Belle] similar to the ones she “gives” at Disney theme parks. ”

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The Rapunzel Collector Doll obviously represents Rapunzel in her signature pastel purple and pink dress with her long blonde braid and floral accessories, while the Jasmine Collector Doll features a gorgeous take on Princess Jasmine’s turquoise blue outfit with an off-the-shoulder top, blue skirt, and trousers.

rapunzel signed certificate of authenticity

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The Belle Collector Doll is, as expected, wearing her iconic yellow ballgown from her “Tale As Old As Time” dance with her love interest the Beast.

Are Crystals a Girl’s Best Friend Instead of Diamonds?

The Disney princess dolls’ costumes are also embellished with Swarovski crystals, not unlike the Swarovski crystals that adorned Cinderella’s hair in her most recent movie!

jasmine signed certificate of authenticity

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These American Girl Dolls cost $300 each and they are on backorder until September 5, according to the website. They are also final sale products, which means no returns!

Are you interested in paying $300 for one of these limited-edition Disney princess-themed dolls?

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