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Disney Animators Reunite to Create Four Brand-New Heroines

charlotte tillbury and disney makeup collection
Credits: @charlottetillbury

As part of the Disney 100 Years of Wonder celebrations, Disney Guests can expect plenty of special events or special offers within the Disney Parks and Disney Resorts — but now there is another bonus perk for Disney fans that doesn’t require any Disney vacation bookings!

Wonder, Meet Magic

Celebrity makeup artist and entrepreneur Charlotte Tilbury has just announced a new collaboration that pairs the Disney 100 Years of Wonder festivities with her makeup brand’s 10th year of operation. The collection is called Disney100 x Charlotte Tilbury, and can be found here!

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A real Disney princess does represent the brand, so this correlation is not too surprising! Cinderella star Lily James is one of the faces of the makeup brand.

The British makeup artist and Disney animators chose to create a magical little animated short in order to announce the new makeup and skincare collection, which includes iconic products like the Magic Cream, the Hollywood Flawless Filter, and the Beauty Light Wands (with the addition of a Tinker Bell logo to the products’ packaging).

charlotte tilbury disney collection beauty wishes makeup bag and products

The Beauty Wishes makeup bag with the Magic Cream and Beauty Light Wands. Credit:

An Ad Campaign Worthy of Disney

Charlotte Tilbury (who is known for calling her customers “darlings”) is transformed into an animated Disney heroine in the video from the Disney collection campaign.

We also see three other women being magically bestowed with makeup looks in the ad, including one woman in a blue and white dress (who is most likely supposed to remind onlookers of Belle the Disney princess).


Tinker Bell also makes an appearance as she guides the famous makeup artist through the skies of London!

Limited edition Tinker Bell and Charlotte Tilbury pins are also available (which Disney pin collectors will be particularly excited to acquire for free with their makeup purchases from the Disney collection) and free makeup masterclasses are scheduled on the Charlotte Tilbury website.

Disney’s A-List Animators

In the Instagram post shown here, Charlotte Tilbury said the following about the Disney animators behind her new campaign: “I have been transformed into my very own, hand-drawn Disney character by the LEGENDARY animators Eric Goldberg and Dorothy McKim”!

Charlotte Tilbury with TInker Bell, and the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Magic Cream.

Charlotte Tilbury with TInker Bell, and the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Magic Cream. Credits:

“Like millions of others I grew up on the magical tales of Disney, which empower everyone, everywhere with the magic of confidence to make your dreams come true! And now, my childhood dreams have become a reality through this magical collaboration!” Tilbury added.

The British makeup artist also hinted that more animation would be coming from Disney soon, as part of the campaign.

Do you like the idea of Disney animators using their talents to advertise product campaigns for collaborations like this, or would you rather see Disney animators like Eric Goldberg and Dorothy McKim focusing on full-length Disney movies?

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