As for Lily’s own methods when it comes to making her skin radiant, the English actress is all about cleansing, toning, and moisturizing consistently. She also suggests cleansing only at night, in order to “keep the natural oils” in the morning, and switching your skincare products around often, “because your skin gets used to stuff”. For her own everyday Cinderella glow, Lily uses the “Charlotte Tilbury compact” which has “gold shimmer and the pink” (she recommends applying this “on your cheeks, on your lips, on your eyes, and you’re good to go”) or the “soft, liquidy” blush by Dior. The actress focuses on keeping “everything fresh and young”, with “nothing too heavy”; she likes “the feeling of [her] skin breathing”. Lily is also a big supporter of keeping a makeup look “bright and fresh” by accentuating “either the eye or the lip”. Lastly, who’s this Disney princess’s beauty muse? It’s actually Keira Knightley, another inspiration for one of our Halloween costume tutorials!

Credit: Glamour magazine

Ready to head off into the sunset with your Prince Charming and your fairy tale? With this tutorial in hand, you can embrace your inner Disney princess for a wonderful, magical Halloween night–with or without a Fairy Godmother!