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When we think of Cinderella costumes for Halloween, the costumes usually tend to focus on the story’s female characters–and it’s understandable! The Fairy Godmother, the Wicked Stepmother Lady Tremaine, the ugly stepsisters Anastasia and Drizella, and Cinderella herself are all fodder for perfect costume ideas (and we’ve got the tutorials!). Their outfits and aesthetics are colorful, dramatic, and usually very recognizable. But what about the fellas who want to pay homage to Disney’s Cinderella, or who perhaps want a Halloween costume that will be both easy and flattering? The solution for those male Disney Fanatics is none other than Prince Charming (or, as he is known in Kenneth Branagh’s 2015 live-action version of Cinderella, Prince Kit)! This costume is easy and distinct, but it’s also a great option for any man who’s trying to impress someone at a Halloween party–because it’s an outfit and style that’s guaranteed to make you look good. (Hint: we also recommend an outdoor bonfire for a Halloween date, because firelight and candlelight are the softest, most flattering lighting that makes everyone automatically look extra handsome!). Read on for how to get this simple, fuss-free, comfortable, and debonair look for your Halloween celebrations.

Richard Madden


To be fair, the actor Richard Madden already has particularly good looks going for him when it comes to playing Prince Kit slash Prince Charming. His dark locks, strong physique, Scottish brogue (which he did tone down a bit for Cinderella–scroll down to hear him talk in all of his actual Scottish glory), and aquamarine eyes definitely contribute to this particular Prince’s ‘charm’. By the way, a blogger confirmed in an interview with Richard that his eye color is completely “all natural – he was just incredibly healthy during the filming of the movie!” The Scotsman and “Game of Thrones” (and upcoming Marvel Studios “Eternals“) actor might have some things in his favor when it comes to playing a stunning European prince, but worry not! We’ve got all the tips right here to help you achieve your own Prince look (accent optional).

richard madden the prince with the king

Prince Kit with the king in a scene from Cinderella. Credit:

First up is the grooming–which is, essentially, hair and makeup for men! “Grooming” is the official term that’s used by makeup artists in the movie industry, because male celebrities absolutely wear makeup in movies and on the red carpet. Usually the makeup for a man is proper skincare (adjusted to your own face; start with products for sensitive skin first if you’re unsure what to use, or check out sites like Peach and Lily or Soko Glam for free appointments with estheticians online), a haircut, concealer (head to a Sephora or Ulta to get help finding your perfect shade), and some powder for shine. Check out the suggestions below, and don’t just save concealer or powder for Halloween! Your best bet for a princely hairstyle is to schedule your usual haircut the morning of Halloween, and show the barber one of the pictures below of Prince Charming for inspiration when he’s styling your hair post-cut. That way, your hairstyle is set for the night (and a tiny amount of hairgel will help it last)!

elf Poreless Putty Primer | e.l.f. Cosmetics- Cruelty Free


RMS Beauty ‘Un’ Cover Up - Madeleine Shaw

RMS Beauty ‘Un’ Cover Up Concealer Credit:

Rae Morris Invisible Mattifier Credit:

Next up: the outfit. We’d recommend checking out local vintage shops or online boutiques for a princely jacket; you don’t need to get a fancy undershirt or anything else, unless you’re planning on removing the jacket later, so the only other thing to buy is breeches, which are essentially tight pants! These don’t need to be uncomfortably tight; they just need to be well-suited or tailored to your body enough that they don’t look loose. A pair of good-quality leggings might suffice.

cinderella meets her prince

Cinderella and Prince Kit meet in a scene from the film. Credit:

The final piece of this Halloween costume is your behavior! You’re welcome to try for a Scottish or British accent if you want to, but this outfit is mainly about trying to emulate Prince Charming. As Richard said in the previously-mentioned interview, “The Prince is the role model not me… I wanted to try and make a Prince that young men would have to look up to that– a Prince that you know has a built in respect for women and a compassion to the people around him, an awareness of his privilege”. According to him, a prince should be “a true gentleman” (Kenneth Branagh was his direct inspiration), and not only have “a sense of humor”, “a compassion”, and “an awareness of everyone around him”; he also should be firmly against the “old fashioned view I think of you know a woman needing a man”.

Lily James and Richard Madden at Cinderella Premiere


Richard Madden also has some advice for you if you’re uncertain about wearing a less-masculine prince outfit! “When I first saw my ballroom outfit,” he reminisced, “I walk in and it’s like white with silver and sequins and glitter. And I’m like, ‘Sandy [Powell, the Oscar winning costume designer] we talked about the masculinity’…but actually once you put it on it does make me feel regal”.

There you have it! The perfect way to be Cinderella’s Prince Charming for Halloween. Just keep an eye out for glass slippers, a leftover glass slipper, a carriage, pumpkins, mice, and the clock striking midnight. If you know how to horseback ride and ballroom dance, even better (and keep an eye out for the rest of our Cinderella Halloween costume tutorials)!


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