Hey Iger, It’s The Price That’s Keeping Disney World Attendance Down

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Disney CEO Bob Iger has been in the news for the things he’s said over the last two weeks, and he has somehow found a way to anger everyone. Iger has turned into the poster child for out-of-touch billionaires after calling the SAG-AFTRA demands “unreasonable” and calling the strike’s timing “unfortunate.” He angered his employees when he threatened to sell Disney’s entire television division. And he angered fans when he said that “pricing was not the issue” that has caused a decline in attendance at Walt Disney World.

Iger has somehow found a way to alienate everyone he needs to turn Disney’s fortunes around: employees, talent, and paying Guests. SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher has taken Iger to task for his comments, and high-ranking employees at ESPN and ABC got their chance too. But the paying public has yet to have a turn to take Iger to task until now.

Let’s really see if the cost is the issue that’s keeping families away from Disney World.

Magic Kingdom

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Disney World Vacation Cost:

For this experiment, I looked at a six-night, seven-day trip to Walt Disney World Resort this April. I picked a period when most families would be traveling to Disney World during school’s spring break. The prices include a Disney World hotel, meal plan, and Park tickets. It does not include extras like Park Hopper, Disney Genie Plus, or Souvenirs. It also doesn’t have the cost of getting to Disney World by driving or plane.

All Star Sports

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Value Resort:

For the value Resort, I looked at All-Star Sports, but most of the All-Star hotels would have a similar price range. A standard room is precisely what it sounds like: pretty common. It’s two full-size beds and a bathroom. There is no view; it’s just the room.

The total cost for six nights, seven days, including the Disney Dining plan, is $6,525.

Fuentes del Morro Pool Caribbean Beach Resort

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Moderate Resort:

For the moderate Resort, I looked at Disney’s Carribean Beach Resort. Most of the moderate resorts were close in price, but Caribbean Beach offers better transportation options. You have the Disney Skyliner to get to EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This was also a standard room, meaning you’ll walk to the pool, food, and transportation options.

The total cost for six nights, seven days, including the Disney Dining Plan, is $7,820

Beach Club DVC

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Deluxe Resort:

For the Deluxe Resort, I looked at Disney’s Beach Club. Beach Club also has better transportation options. You can walk to EPCOT or take a boat ride to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The Deluxe Resorts make things a little complicated. They can get VERY expensive. If you want to say at Grand Floridian, think about adding another $2,000 to this number, at least. This is a Resort view room, which means you’re looking at the parking lot or roof.

The total cost for six nights, seven days, including the Disney Dining Plan, is $9,846.

family posing with Minnie Mouse

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According to the United States Census Bureau, the median household income in 2021 was $70,784. So, you’re asking the average American family to spend approximately 10 percent of their household income on a weeklong trip to Disney World? It’s a big ask and not something they can afford to do yearly.

Once you add in extras like Park Hopper, Genie Plus, and other extras, a Walt Disney World vacation package becomes too much for some families. Even just buying Park tickets may be out of reach for some.

For the same price as a Deluxe Resort, you can take a family of four on a weeklong European Vacation. Forget touring EPCOT’s countries or the Magic Kingdom when you can tour an actual Kingdom.

Coming out of Covid, families had those vacation funds saved up and were ready to go. But now, the funds are gone, and there are less expensive options that are just as fun.

So, when Bob Iger says it’s not about the price of a Disney vacation, he should look around at what actual families are making and realize that it’s always been about the price.

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  1. Get a clue. We have had enough of your high prices and radical changes. It is no longer family friendly in ANYWAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. You get rid of what we love add things we don’t to be politically correct and your prices are off the charts. No normal family can afford it anymore. I won’t even buy a Disney product ANywhere. It will be sad buy necessary to watch y’all close down.

  2. We live in south Florida. For my daughter’s family of five it will cost $545 to enter. Then there is gas and tolls, food( which is very overpriced), drinks and snacks. You know the kids will want a souvenir. That can become a $1000 day. You really wonder why people aren’t coming?

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