Disney Faces Intense Backlash After “Lazy Release” of New Tinker Bell Products

charlotte tillbury and disney makeup collection
Credits: Charlotte Tilbury Beauty and Disney

The new Disney100 x Charlotte Tilbury makeup collection has just been launched with a magical ad campaign that includes not one, but four new animated heroines created by renowned Disney animators Eric Goldberg and Dorothy McKim.

However, Disney Fanatics and Disney makeup lovers are apparently already finding the new Disney collection to be shockingly lackluster despite the charmingly-animated ad campaign shown below!

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Style, but No Substance?

Tinker Bell made an appearance in the Disney and Charlotte Tilbury collection’s trailer, and Tinker Bell’s likeness is also represented on the packaging of Charlotte Tilbury classics like the Magic Cream, Hollywood Flawless Filter, and Beauty Light Wands.

However, aside from the option to buy a Beauty Wishes makeup bag for the Tinker Bell-adorned cosmetics, there is nothing really distinguishing or different about the Disney100 Years of Wonder versions of the British makeup artist’s products — and fans have most certainly noticed, even before they have made any purchases.

charlotte tillbury and disney makeup collection

Charlotte Tilbury was transformed into an animated heroine, and so were three other women, for the trailer advertising her new Disney makeup collection. Credits: @charlottetillbury

“This is a really disappointing collection,” one disgruntled fan wrote on Charlotte Tilbury’s Instagram post about the new Disney collection.

“You just expect people to buy because of the packaging and it’s only got Tinker bell on it,” they complained. “Not even different characters for different products. Plus the products you picked are the most expensive for actual little product. @charlottetilbury and @disney should have done better here!!! This is insulting to a fan of both brands!”

Dazzled by the Disney Magic

Other fans shared similar concerns, indicating that they felt hoodwinked by the dazzling animated trailer but that the actual products didn’t feel unique or possess any significant Disney qualities.

“An absolute dream collaboration, all this hype and its a few new shades of an existing product and some packaging? I’m gutted,” another Disney fan chimed in sadly.

“I wish the collection was [as] good as this video,” someone else pointed out — and another angry Disney and Charlotte Tilbury fan blamed the “lazy release” on the fact that there is “nothing new here except the tacky makeup bag.”

charlotte tilbury disney collection beauty wishes makeup bag and products

The Beauty Wishes makeup bag with the Magic Cream and Beauty Light Wands. Credit:

“Is That It?!!!!”

There are four rose-gold Tinker Bell pins being offered for free with purchases from the collection, which will please Disney pin collectors, but even the allure of free limited-edition Disney pins has not appeased Charlotte Tilbury’s customers.

As one potential customer aptly put it, “Is that it?!!!! They’ve put a Tinkerbell picture on a couple of existing products. Big whoop. A load of fuss over nothing.”

Are you going to be buying any of the cult-favorite Charlotte Tilbury products from this Disney collaboration, or will you be purchasing the non-Disney versions of products like the iconic Magic Cream?

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