Figment Popcorn Bucket Pt. II? Special Bucket for Disney100 Announced

Disney100 Cinderella Premium Bucket

It’s by no means news that the Walt Disney Company is celebrating its centennial this year. The Mouse House has been around for a while now and has expanded to become one of the foremost names in entertainment, be that through its Theme Park enterprise or even for the various media properties it owns. After being around for ten decades, the company certainly has a long, celebrated history to call back to, and they’re bringing all that and more to the front for 100 Years of Wonder.

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For its Disney100 celebration—the one that marks the company’s centennial—Disney has pulled out all the stops in various collaborations that mark the occasion. We wrote earlier today about the exciting upgrade coming to EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth later this year. In addition, Disney has also announced a special Popcorn Bucket that will be exclusive to Magic Kingdom Park and released later this year.

The bucket looks fantastic.

Disney100 Cinderella Premium Bucket / Credit: Disney

Disney100 Cinderella Premium Bucket / Credit: Disney

From Disney Parks Blog,

A little fairy told me about the new Disney100 Cinderella Premium Bucket that will be exclusive to Magic Kingdom. This dazzling souvenir is intricately designed, great for the entire family, and my favorite souvenir thus far…For now, you’ll be able to enjoy drinks and popcorn in the new Disney100 refillable cups available now at the Disney Resort hotels and popcorn buckets at all four theme parks and Disney Springs.

While Disney hasn’t yet announced when the Disney100 Cinderella Premium Bucket (which looks like a Cinderella carriage popcorn bucket) will make its debut it’s certainly going to be exciting—it might even recall the infamous Figment Popcorn Bucket that made headlines last year.

magic kingdom cinderella castle

“Partners” statue in front of Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

There’s also more on offer when it comes to merchandise. Disney fans can cherish nostalgic memories with the new 40s-themed Disney100 Decades Collection featuring Disney classics such as Fantasia, The Three Caballeros, Pinocchio, and Dumbo.

This is not all! Disney’s culinary team has also whipped up some new delicacies for fans to enjoy, and between the tantalizing food and drink offerings and new entertainment for Disney100, its sure to be a celebration worth writing home about.

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