Disney Shuts Down Attraction to Remove Flustered Intruder

Squirrel in Carousel of Progress
Credit: Disney; Instagram, @mouse_rules

A surprising turn of events recently unfolded at a beloved Walt Disney World attraction. An unlikely and flustered intruder managed to bring a classic Magic Kingdom experience to a temporary standstill. The incident prompted Disney officials to take immediate action, resulting in the ride’s closure to ensure the safety and comfort of its valued Guests.

Carousel of Progress Scene WDW

Credit: Joe Penniston, Flickr

The Setting

The Carousel of Progress, an iconic fixture nestled within Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, is a celebrated attraction with a rich history. Originally created for the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair, the ride depicts the progress of technology through the lens of an American family. The classic experience takes Guests on a journey through time, showcasing the evolution of daily life and innovations across different eras. It also features a catchy theme song that easily gets stuck in Guests’ heads.

Squirrel in Carousel of Progress

On an otherwise typical day at the Carousel of Progress, an unexpected visitor entered the attraction, causing a temporary disruption. People sitting through the ride noticed a squirrel among the scenery. However, this creature was neither a part of the show nor an animatronic. The squirrel had inadvertently entered the ride’s controlled environment and got stuck in the show.

One visitor recorded the situation on Instagram. User @mouse_rules uploaded the footage to the social media platform, giving a small portion of the encounter. The squirrel is seen climbing on the curtains of the scene before coming down to the front of the stage. It is obviously quite lost and confused. User @mouse_rules detailed what eventually had to happen:

This squirrel made a special appearance this morning! Stuck in the 1940s on the Carousel of Progress. They had to shut down to remove him.

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Removing the Squirrel at Magic Kingdom

As soon as the presence of the unlikely intruder was detected, Disney World took action to address the situation. The squirrel obviously couldn’t be left on the ride as it would cause concern for the safety and comfort of their Guests and the creature. Park officials decided to temporarily shut down the Carousel of Progress to facilitate the removal of the squirrel.

Christmas Scene Carousel of Progress

Credit: Ray, Flickr

How the issue played out afterward is unknown, but Disney is probably not a stranger to odd situations like this one. Animals have been known to stray into the Park from time to time, and some of them even make it a home. The theme park most likely captured the squirrel and relocated it to a more appropriate area.

Although momentarily interrupted by the flustered intruder, the Carousel of Progress at Disney World was promptly brought back to its full operational state following the successful resolution of the incident. However, the squirrel will most likely never forget its day at Disney World, nor will the Guests who got a laugh out of it.

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