Disney Cruise Line Announces Stern Character for ‘Disney Treasure’ Ship

Disney Treasure stern character
Credit: Disney

Disney Cruise Line has finally provided a much-anticipated update on the Disney Treasure vessel set to launch next year. The veil of secrecy has been lifted, revealing an awesome artist rendering of the stern for its upcoming ship. The choice of character definitely fits the theme. The ship will be adorned with beloved characters from a cherished classic film, giving Guests a bit of adventure as they sail the high seas!

Peter Pan Disney Treasure

Credit: Disney

Disney Treasure Stern Characters

Staying true to the cherished tradition of decorating each ship with iconic Disney characters, the Disney Treasure proudly showcases two legendary figures representing treasure and adventure perfectly — Peter Pan and Captain Hook. With meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, these characters, known and loved by millions, will be immortalized on the stern, adding a touch of pixie dust to the ship. Disney provided insight as to why they chose Peter Pan and Captain Hook as the stern characters for the Disney Treasure:

This Disney Treasure update is coming to you from Celebration, Florida, the headquarters for Disney Cruise Line. Today, the Disney Cruise Line team is thrilled to be debuting an artist rendering of the ship’s stern for the very first time! For 25 years, each ship in the fleet has been adorned with characters from beloved Disney stories. The Disney Treasure will follow this tradition with its own signature character sculptures that honor the ship’s motif of adventure, Peter Pan and Captain Hook. Harnessing the power of Tinker Bell’s pixie dust, Peter Pan will levitate next to the Disney Treasure to add the finishing touch to the ship’s stern filigree. Meanwhile, Peter Pan’s longtime rival, Captain Hook can be seen leaning out a porthole with a vengeful expression on his face. Paintbrush and paint bucket in hand, Peter Pan sports a mischievous grin as he glances back at Captain Hook, who is dripping in yellow paint.

Disney Treasure Sets Sail in 2024

Scheduled to set sail in 2024 as the sixth ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet, the Disney Treasure is designed to be an adventure-themed masterpiece. Inspired by the allure and grandeur of a gilded palace, the ship’s architecture and interior reflect classic Disney movies such as Aladdin and Peter Pan.

Disney Treasure Grand Hall

Credit: Disney

The three-deck atrium is the vessel’s heart, called the Grand Hall. Here, Guests will be greeted by a magnificent statue that showcases Aladdin and Jasmine on a magic carpet ride. The ship will also include the popular AquaMouse, an exhilarating water coaster that first appeared on the Disney Wish vessel. Additionally, Guests will experience a selection of exceptional restaurants, bars, and lounges. This is Disney Cruise Line’s chance to improve upon the first ship in the new class of ships, the Disney Wish, which launched last year.

Embarking from Port Canaveral, Florida, the Disney Treasure will most likely provide 7-night cruises to the Eastern and Western Caribbean. This will allow Guests to explore pristine tropical destinations and visit the legendary private island paradise of Castaway Cay or potentially even the new Lighthouse Point island coming soon.

Disney Cruise Line also recently acquired a colossal new ship destined for Singapore. This vessel is one of the largest in the world, and it will also be launching sometime in the next few years.

With its maiden voyage on the horizon, eager travelers can get more excited that the Disney Treasure is becoming a reality. Here’s hoping it can deliver on improving the Disney Wish when it takes its place as the newest Disney Caribbean vacation experience. In the meantime, you can definitely head off to Neverland with the reveal of this Disney Treasure stern character.

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