Dolly Parton Waves Goodbye to Iconic Career, Drunken Tribute Addressed: “PTSD”

Dolly Parton
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More news has surfaced regarding singer Elle King’s Dolly Parton “tribute” from earlier this year, and we now better understand what happened then.

Dolly Parton is an American treasure. Few in the world would disagree with that statement and sentiment. With her down-to-earth nature, flamboyant style, and iconic career as a performer, she has won the hearts and minds of so many Americans. The 78-year-old country music superstar has forever etched herself into the tapestry of the American entertainment landscape.

Few artists could even dream of enjoying the kind of fame and respect she does: Betty White was one of the generation above; perhaps a possible contender from today could be Taylor Swift.

Dolly Parton

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Parton’s career has spanned over fifty years and has been labeled a “country legend.” She has sold more than 100 million records worldwide and truly made her mark on the industry. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many other artists often draw inspiration from her for their own performances.

Of course, as is evident, inspiration doesn’t always have a happy ending.

Recently, sources announced that Parton could well be retiring soon, stepping away from the public eye to help her ailing husband. On the back of this announcement, another singer has addresses a mishap from earlier this year, involving a Dolly Parton tribute.

In January earlier this year, American singer Elle King performed a Dolly Parton tribute that quickly went sideways. King was panned by many, including Dolly Parton’s sister, Stella Parton. Of course, Dolly, true to form, was gracious and forgiving of the incident.

However, King herself recently addressed the incident and explained to audiences what was going on the night of that performance. On Chelsea Handler’s podcast Dear Chelsea, she reflected on the January Grand Ole Opry performance, calling the incident a huge mistake.

She explained she’d been experiencing a majorly traumatic event at the time, and while she didn’t specify what the event was, she noted that the day of the performance was the highest escalation of the trauma. She went so far as to say she had major “PTSD” from the trauma.

TMZ added that “King…hadn’t eaten or slept for days ahead of the show, and after the first performance went well, she took one shot too many and completely disassociated, not remembering much… She remembers waking up in the dressing room, sobbing.”

Dolly Parton Dollywood

Dolly Parton at Dollywood / Credit: Dollywood

As some would already know, King hopped on stage at the venue and attempted to sing Parton’s song, “Marry Me.” Unfortunately, King forgot the lyrics to Parton’s song and ended up butchering her performance and using profane language while on stage.

After her mishap at the Grand Ole Opry, Elle King took it upon herself to send out personal handwritten apologies to both the iconic venue and the legendary Dolly Parton. Despite the unfortunate turn of events, Dolly Parton, known for her kindness and grace, reached out to Elle directly to offer her reassurance and support.

This gesture from the country music queen not only comforted Elle but also exemplified the true spirit of camaraderie and compassion within the music industry.

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