Don’t Do Walt Disney World Without Employing These 10 Strategies!

Visiting the happiest place on earth is one of the best experiences in anyone’s lifetime. There is so much to do, and so little time, so it is important to have a strategy when vising the parks and resorts. Here are ten little strategies that will help you on your next trip to Walt Disney World!

10. Planning a Budget

Having a budget always helps when making sure you stay afloat in your bank account. It can be so incredibly easy to splurge and spend at Walt Disney World and while many save enough to splurge, there are some guests that try to stay on budget. Planning a budget is a great strategy for not worrying about your finances when you return from your vacation.

9. Reserving Your Fastpasses

Rides, attractions, character meet-and-greets, parades, and firework spectaculars are what make Walt Disney World so special. Did you know that all of these experiences are offered on Fastpasses? Getting Fastpasses for the most popular experiences is a great strategy to making the most of your time at the happiest place on earth. If you’re not familiar with the experiences that are most popular, here is a tip: Monitor the wait times on the My Disney Experience App for a few days and you will soon learn which attractions you may want to reserve for your fastpass!

8. Make Dining Reservations

There are hundreds of restaurants on Disney World property to indulge in. Chances are, you will find a restaurant for any food you are craving. Disney dining is unlike no other. There are fantastic themed and unique experiences and even character dining and special events. Sounds great, right? The problem with these fantastic restaurants is that they fill up incredibly fast and chances are, if you wait until the last minute, you risk not being able to eat where your heart desires. Do your homework by researching restaurants on property that you and your party would enjoy, then call and reserve them ASAP so that you are guaranteed a table to enjoy some really great cuisine! Strategizing your dining options are a great way to experience a variety of Disney restaurants and not having to settle for the same options on your vacation.

7. Plan Out Your Days

With the new My Disney Experience app, advanced fastpass and dining reservations, gone are the days of spontaneity. It can be very difficult to just ‘take it day by day’ or spontaneously decide what park to visit or where to grab dinner since everything usually reaches capacity. It is important to plan your days and strategize what you want to experience and enjoy. It is also a good idea to have a back-up plan in case something doesn’t work out in your favor.

6. Have Some Down Time

Most of us love to be ‘on the go’ at Disney because lets face it, there is so much to see and do! Realistically though, the hot Florida sun and constant walking can drain anyone out. It is important to stop and smell the roses by planning some down time. Doing this will also allow you to enjoy some of the other great experiences that Walt Disney World has to offer. Enjoy relaxing at the spa, lay out by the pool, watch movies under the stars, and take a bike ride through a scenic route on many of the resort properties. You can even take a quiet boat ride around the Seven Seas Lagoon or even just hang out at your resort. Strategizing down time will allow you to ‘recharge your batteries’ and enjoy everything that Disney has to offer.

5. Enjoy the Rides and Attractions During Parades and Fireworks

One of the best strategies to remember is to head over to the rides or character meet and greets when major parades or shows are going on. Some parades are presented twice a day and some of the major firework or stage shows are also only once or twice a day. This means there will be larger crowds since they aren’t continuous shows. If you don’t care to watch these, head over to the rides. The wait times tend to decrease during these shows. Bummed because you’re missing the show? Don’t worry! If there are two that day, check out the second one! The first show/parade always has more viewers!

4. Visit During Slow Season

Nowadays, there is barely a slow season at Walt Disney World. Many events have been stretched out for longer periods of time than they used to be (like the Food and Wine Festival) or take place during what used to be a slow season time (like the runDisney events). There are a few great times of the year to use as a strategy to enjoy all that Disney has to offer. If you can, visit during September and after January but before spring break. These months seem to have the smaller crowds.

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3. Take Advantage of Discounts

There are a plethora of discounts out there, you just have to really research them. There are third party associates (like AAA) that also offer great benefits to their members. Aside from these associates, Disney itself has many great offers year round. There are select discounts for resorts, tickets, and dining. Sometimes there are even free dining options! Living in Florida also has its benefits. Check out the Florida Resident discounts on resorts and tickets. Speaking of tickets, the annual passes offer huge discounts on resorts, dining, tours, and merchandise as well. If you plan on visiting Disney frequently, the annual pass may be the way to go. You can use these discounts as a strategy to plan future reservations!

2. Plan More Days, Skip The Park Hopper Option

Speaking of park tickets, believe it or not, it may be cheaper to add more days to your park ticket than to add the park hopper option. For example, a four day park hopper ticket for a guest age 10 and over is about $370. For that price, you can actually get a 10-day ticket and not spend a penny more than you would if you got the park hopper option. This is a great strategy for those guests looking to get the most out of their park visits!

1. Head to the Left

Studies have shown that most guests head to the right of a forked road, and when it comes to the parks, it is no different. Many guests tend to head to the right of the parks as soon as they enter. If you head over to the left, chances are you will run into less of a crowd! If you’re visiting Epcot, entering through the France pavilion is also a great way to avoid crowds since most guests enter the front of the park. You can enter through this way if you are staying at the Boardwalk, Yacht & Beach Club, or Swan and Dolphin Resort.

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