VIDEO: “Don’t Touch Me”: Cast Member Rude to Children at Disney Park

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A Disney Cast Member was recently on the receiving end of some backlash when he rudely pulled away from children interacting with him.

The Disney Parks are known to be places of magic and fantasy. People of all ages from all over the world go there to fulfill their dreams of having that quintessential Disney experience. And the heart of that experience? The Disney Cast Members who work round the clock to make sure every Guest has a smile on their face and can live out their happiest and most magical fantasies.

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Cast Members/Disney Fanatic

But sometimes, some Cast Members just miss the memo.

In the lastest Disney news, that’s what happened this time at Disneyland Paris, when a group of children was left stunned after a character rudely pulled away from them, telling them not to touch him. Disney Guest and TikTok user 10ney(mar), @10neylandd, shared footage of the interaction on the social media platform.

Check it out:


Il est vrm sans coeur ? #fyp

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The video shows the user, and a group of children, following Loki along. The children are all clearly vying for the Asgardian’s attention when a little girl reaches for Loki’s arm only to have him immediately pull away from her and instruct her not to touch him.

The young child’s face isn’t shown in the video, but the disappointment is more than imaginable after an interaction like that.

The user’s caption reads (translated): “He is truly heartless.”

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Tom Hiddleston as the mischievous Norse god Loki/Marvel

The video now has over 770K views and over 26K likes, and 1.8K comments. As one might imagine, viewers have mixed reactions to the interaction.

Some are wholly unhappy with the Cast Member’s attitude, insisting he broke the child’s heart. But many comments support the character, holding parents accountable for teaching children how to approach Cast Members and strangers and reminding fellow users that the Cast Member is staying true to the character he’s playing. User pia zhui even went so far as to say, “dude should get a raise for sticking to character.”

While the interaction appears insensitive, we must remember Cast Members (especially villains) are playing their part and need to stick to their character and have their own boundaries. Guests must respect Cast Members and adhere to appropriate conduct while visiting the Parks, including asking for permission before touching or taking a photo with a Disney character, not interfering with performances, and not engaging in disruptive behavior, while enjoying their Disney vacation.

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