Dueling Families Interrupt Disney Ride

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Many Disney Guests have been witnessing shockingly offensive or inappropriate behavior from other Disney Park Guests in recent months, including fistfights that have led to arrests and lifetime bans, but apparently this behavior is nothing new!

In a recent discussion on Reddit, one Disney Guest spoke about a particularly disturbing incident from a past Disney vacation that involved the Haunted Mansion Disney ride within Walt Disney World Resort. This Guest’s time on the Haunted Mansion ride led to a negative customer experience (much like this extremely negative customer experience that another Disney Guest shared).

Don't Bring Ashes to Disney

The Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World Resort. Credit: Disney

While experiencing the Stretching Room portion of the Haunted Mansion experience, the Reddit user u/ShamelessplugFTC reportedly watched two families break out into a brawl in front of everyone else in the Stretching Room — and Cast Members were unable to stop the fight without calling in a security team!

According to the Magic Kingdom Guest, the two Disney Guest families were “jawing at each other” in a hostile manner “for a good 15 minutes”. Then “the two families finally stopped arguing and we made our way into the stretching room”, but “this is the part where the crazy happens.”

Haunted Mansion Disney World

Apparently, “while inside the two families jawing at each other ended up having a fist in the room”! The fight was so intense that “the castmembers did their best to try and break it up but they couldn’t. At the end of the elevator ride their was a lineup of security who escorted the families out.”

byu/ShamelessplugTFC from discussion

As we have previously stated, fights and conflicts have gotten more and more common in the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and the Animal Kingdom.

Unfortunately, in an area as tight and compact as the Stretching Room, it sounds like tensions between Disney World Guests are particularly hard to dispel! Have you ever seen a fight in Disney World theme parks like the Animal Kingdom or Magic Kingdom (or in areas within Disneyland Resort), and has it affected your customer experience?

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