Ever Wondered How Disney World Deals With Fights? A Cast Member Shares Some Insight

disney world fights

A former Walt Disney World Cast Member shared the Disney Park policy for dealing with Guests who got into fights on the property.

The Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort are known to be two of the best places in the world for a Disney vacation. Any Guest from any culture and background knows that they have their chance to live out that ultimate Disney experience at the Parks, and that Walt Disney Imagineering and the Walt Disney Company work to make it a place where one can fulfill one’s dreams.

cinderella castle mk 50th

Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resort/Courtesy of Disney

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However, things don’t always go smoothly at the Disney Resort. We have reported multiple times on bad behavior from Guests where they pick fights with fellow visitors, yell obscenities at Cast Members, and behave in unacceptable ways at a family-friendly Disney Theme Park.

Recently, one Disney fan on Reddit, u/chewchomp80, inquired about what happens to “folks removed by security for fighting.” The Guest went on to detail an altercation that she had witnessed when waiting in line at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the rope drop.

disney's hollywood studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World Resort/Courtesy of Disney

The Guest was curious how Disney dealt with Guests who behaved in this manner, and a former Cast Member stepped in to answer. U/watermelonlollies shared a few fights they’d witnessed over the years and explained the consequences for each of them for the parties involved. Fair warning, Disney Fanatics, these are some of the worst stories we’ve heard of.

For a family that broke into Cinderella Castle, it was considered trespassing and they were “perma banned.”

A man punched a fellow Guest for being too tall, as a consequence of which his kid couldn’t see fireworks well enough. When security then came to the scene after, the instigator physically fought them. This Guest, the CM shared was “arrested for assault and perma banned.”

The CM shared that once, a lady ran over another Cast Member with her stroller intentionally “to go through a way that was closed off.” This Guest was thrown out for the day.

Animal Kingdom Entrance

Disney’s Animal Kingdom entrance/Courtesy of Disney

The trend continued and it became apparent that Disney no longer suffers Guests who refuse to behave with basic courtesy and decorum in the Parks. In fact, this is something they’ve reiterated through their policy update and warning to Guests to treat fellow Park-goers and Cast Members with kindness.

While it should go without saying, it’s always important to remember that the Disney Parks are family-friendly destinations and always need to be treated as such; lest you find yourself on the receiving end of a perma-ban from the Mouse House!

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