More Lousy Guest Behavior: Disney Guest Yells Obscenities at Cast Member

disney world guest obscenities

Of all the things you assume you’d hear at Walt Disney World Resort, “I’ve seen her naked” is probably not one of them.

The Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are known to be some of the best Disney vacation spots. But, there have been a fair few issues at the Disney Parks recently, be that because of Guests behaving in less than stellar and unacceptable ways or because of problems on account of the Park or the Walt Disney Company itself. Things have been up and down enough that recently the Universal CEO made some rather pointed remarks about Disney as an industry leader.

magic kingdom disney world

Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World/Disney

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But one big disappointment at the Parks can be Guests behavior, so much so that some feel that rude and entitled Guests are the reasons that the Disney magic is gone. This account of Guest behavior demonstrates just that.

As reported by Inside the Magic, during a recent showing of “Fantasmic!,” a Guest shared that they were dumbfounded by a teenager who was sitting with their parents who continuously yelled obscenities during the show. Per their report,

“Every time a female character came on the screen, the teenager would yell things like ‘I’ve seen her naked,’ and ‘She wants me.’ The yelling ‘ruined’ the show for the Guest and their family.” 

disney's hollywood studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World Resort/Disney

It should go without saying that this kind of behavior is unacceptable at a Disney Theme Park, considering Disney’s policies for behavior that are put in place to keep the safety and security of all Guests at the family-friendly Disney Parks. This kind of behavior is not only disruptive and disrespectful to fellow Guests, but its also deeply disrespectful to the Cast Members.

new fantasmic disney

“Fantasmic!”, Disney’s Hollywood Studios/Disney

The Walt Disney World Resort is one of the best places in the world to enjoy a Disney vacation. The Disney Resort is home to four Parks. Each Disney Park—Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios—is home to myriad rides and attractions with Guests flocking to them. Think like “Haunted Mansion,” “Space Mountain,” “Spaceship Earth,” “Tower of Terror” and more.

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