Disney Guest Blames “Rude, Entitled Guests” For the Disappearance of Disney Magic

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A Disney Guest recently said that rather than Bob Chapek, the reason the Disney magic was gone from the Parks was fellow badly behaved Guests.

The Walt Disney Company has received much criticism for its decisions, and at the center of these decisions is Disney CEO, Bob Chapek. During Chapek’s time, Disney has seen price rises, changes to the reservation system, increased bad behavior, and a general drop in apparent appreciation for the Parks. In short, many fans would argue that the Disney magic is gone.

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Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort/Disney

But while many fans always point to Chapek as the reason for this downhill trend, one Disney Guest begs to differ. Reddit user and Disney Guest u/Crow_Basic, who recently visited Walt Disney World, took to the social media platform to share their thoughts. They said,


I have seen a lot of posts here about whether the magic at Disney World is gone or not gone and I decided to share my thoughts while returning from vacation there. I spent three days with family and visited all four parks over the past week.

The magic is absolutely not gone in terms of the park staff, cleanliness, etc. I am one of many Chapek haters and I found myself to not be annoyed by lightning lane and other changes as much as I expected to be. Is Disney still incredibly expensive? Absolutely. Did I still think it was worth it? Absolutely.

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Mickey Mouse, Magic Kingdom/Disney

The user went on to mention the last time they’d been to the Parks was during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the height of the Disney Park changes in October 2020.

They then added,

The thing that stuck out to me the most regarding “the magic” was just an overall level of rudeness and entitlement by fellow guests. I think certain things have always existed that get on our nerves there (people stopping in the middle of the walkways for no apparent reason, etc.) but things just seemed worse in terms of how fellow guests acted than in the past.

Guests in the comments agreed with the OP. U/Purple_Quail_4193 added, “Honestly that’s how I felt. The only (major) negative thing has become the rudeness of other guests. Disney still felt as magical as it did before, and during 2021 when it was a different kind of magic for pandemic reasons.”

U/alienamongus added, “I despise Cheapek, but the magic is still there. I agree.”

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Disney Characters, Magic Kingdom Park/Disney

One fan even went so far as to call out fans who were complaining about the Disney experience. U/underbadger said, “Thanks. I’m very, very tired of cranks on Reddit/YouTube inventing things to needlessly complain about.”

Journalist Scott Gustin pointed out earlier this month that Disney needed to do a better job of parsing out and responding to criticism, arguing that while some Guests complained about a hot dog cart moving, others had real issues with the Parks that were valid criticism.

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Disney’s recent statements on the matter have seen them doubling down on many of the changes, insisting they are only helping the Parks experience and Guest experience at a Theme Park. Disney World is home to four Parks: Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to report on all Disney news as it comes to light.

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