Fan Comes to Disney’s Defense After Chapek’s Latest Comments

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While Disney fans worldwide expressed their displeasure with the Walt Disney Company after Chapek’s latest comments, others came to its defense.

Many Disney fans are now aware of the recent comments from Disney CEO Bob Chapek at the Walt Street Journal’s Tech Live 2022 event, where he held fast to the company’s decisions pertaining to Theme Park Access and the Theme Park Reservation System. This has made going to Disney Parks like Disney’s Hollywood Studios much more difficult than it once was. Many fans have long believed that Chapek is not quite delivering the Disney promise as it once existed. After this event, they feel more justified in their opinion than ever before.

Bob Chapek

Disney CEO Bob Chapek/Disney

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Recently, we reported that many Disney Park fans took to social media to get their revenge on Bob Chapek and Disney online in response to the price hikes. Now, journalist Scott Gustin shared his thoughts on the Mouse House treating all complaints from fans as equal.

Check it out:

Gustin stated that the Walt Disney Company was ignoring “valid and important criticism” in their behavior of how they treated complaints from fans. He went on to say,

“Fans are inherently passionate and sometimes unreasonable – but you have to listen. If you stop listening, they will stop caring enough to talk.”

Many commenters in the thread also agreed with his read of the situation.

Another journalist, Brooke Geiger McDonald (@BrookeGMcDonald), also added her thoughts.

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However, one account, All Central Florida — @AllCentralFla — disagreed.

The account also quoted a previous tweet of theirs, “Just gonna put this out there… if people were not up in arms over even the slightest change at WDW… they maybe the Parks division years ago would have spent more time doing new things instead of being locked up in trying to preserve the old.”

While it can be true that Disney Park fans have a whole range of complaints that they levy at Disney, one Twitter user, @StarkTTT responded to this with a valid comment:

I think the problem goes deeper: they don’t care whether the criticism is merited or pedantic, because those negatives don’t stop people from coming back and spending more and more money.


The Magic Kingdom statue, Walt Disney World Resort/Disney

The user has a point. Even with all the price hikes and dissatisfaction on the part of many fans, the Disney Parks are as crowded as ever. Perhaps it’s worth noting Gustin’s original point. Among all the criticism that Disney receives are some valid points. It might be helpful for the Walt Disney Company to consider and prioritize different kinds of feedback as necessary.

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