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When Disney (Almost) Met Playboy

disney playboy tron

In all the possible collaborations Disney has ever been associated with, perhaps the most unlikely one is the one once spurred on by Playboy. The Walt Disney Company has been one that has worked hard to associate the Disney name with family-friendly fun. While the occasional project from one of the company’s many subsidiaries might divert a bit from that ...

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Disney Still Sees Division, Massive Disapproval from Voters

Disney Disapproval

The Walt Disney Company may have given its consumers and investors some cool and exciting plans for the future at the 2022 D23 Expo. But here in the present, the Mouse House is still facing high levels of disapproval of its recent actions and performance. In a WPA Intel poll shared on Twitter by Christopher F. Rufo, only 51% of ...

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Bob Iger Explains Why Disney Refused to Buy Twitter

bob iger twitter

Former Disney CEO BOB Iger has recently come back to Disney fanatics’ attention for several reasons — mainly his comments regarding the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and his performance as Disney’s leader in comparison to the current Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s performance. Now, the former Disney CEO has also revealed some secrets about the Walt Disney Company’s business decisions ...

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Disney Faces Lawsuit After Raising Prices for Guests

disney lawsuit

The Walt Disney Company has received plenty of bad press lately, both from external sources and from Disney Guests who are finding fault with their experiences at Disney Parks or Disney Resorts. One of Disney Guests’ biggest complaints these days has been the rising costs of Disney vacations, merchandise, and just about everything in between. Now, legal action is reportedly ...

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D23 Expo UPDATE: Livestream Schedule Announced!

d23 livestream

The live stream schedule for D23 has been released and features an incredible lineup of panels, ceremonies, and more! There’s much to look forward to for this year’s D23 Expo. Disney has been hyping up the event, and rightfully so, with content and panels from Disney Parks, Experiences and Products; Disney Branded Television; Disney Games and Marvel Games; National Geographic; ...

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Disney Heiress Calls Out Company for Treatment of Workers in New Film

disney documentary

Abigail Disney recently called out the Walt Disney Company for its treatment of its workers while promoting her upcoming directorial feature. Slated for a September release, The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales (2022), directed by Kathleen Hughes and Abigail Disney, just released its trailer, giving viewers a preview of what can be expected in the full-length film. The film premiered ...

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New Artwork for ‘Splash Mountain’ Re-Theme Released by Disney

splash mountain

Disney has shared some new artwork that was part of the inspiration for the much-talked-about Splash Mountain retheme! The retheme of Splash Mountain at the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort has been hugely debated in the Disney community, with many fans only recently accepting its reality and mourning the loss of the ride. In the Summer of 2020, ...

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More Fans Question Loyalty to Disney: “I’m done”

Disney fans loyalty

Displeased with more recent developments in the Disney Parks, once again, fans have been discussing ending their loyalty to Disney. This downhill trend started when the current CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Bob Chapek, took over. The executive replaced former CEO Bob Iger in 2020. Fans even started a petition to replace him within a year of his promotion. ...

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Guests Complain About Disney’s PhotoPass Services

disney photopass

The Walt Disney Company has faced plenty of ups and downs recently, with many Disney Guests being dissatisfied with their experiences in Disney Parks or Disney Resorts and even more Disney Guests causing said dissatisfaction by misbehaving (including abusing Cast Members, climbing Disney attractions, trespassing, and starting fistfights). Now, Disney Guests further abroad than Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland ...

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