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History Repeats Itself: Critics Warn Disney is “Rotting From the Head Down”

disney major business problems

With the incredibly tumultuous year that Disney has had in 2023, some have drawn parallels to what happened in the company’s past, citing its “history of corporate drama” as one of the reasons the Mouse House is failing. The Walt Disney Company has not had it easy for the last few years, but particularly in 2023. The Mouse House, initially ...

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Done with DeSantis! Lawmaker Proposes to Terminate Florida Governor’s Disney Dreams

reedy creek disney desantis

It’s been only a few months of having DeSantis’s hand-picked board at the helm of the Central Florida Tourism District, and some are already over and done with them—so much so that one Florida lawmaker is soon going to formally propose to bring Disney back and put an end to DeSantis’s Central Florida Tourism Oversight District board. The battle that ...

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Rival Ups the Ante: Beats Out Disney to Earn Exciting Record!

six flags disney tallest roller coaster

One of Disney’s rivals has officially beaten out the Mouse House to design the world’s tallest and fastest theme park ride. There’s nothing quite like going to a Disney park to enjoy that quintessential Disney experience. If the Walt Disney Company has done one thing well, it’s differentiating itself from the crowd enough that the Disney Parks are notably unique ...

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Peek Into the Crystal Ball: Disney’s Future Looks “Unpromising,” “Unsatisfying”

disney upcoming movies

Recently, critics argued that a close examination of the next two years of Disney movies shows its future looks bleak, “unpromising,” and “unsatisfying.” The Walt Disney Company has come under scrutiny for its strategy involving its entertainment division, particularly its movie releases. For a few years now, many fans have been notably frustrated with the company for its lack of ...

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Bad Luck for Disney! Mouse House Incites Controversy Yet Again During Thanksgiving

disney thanksgiving controversy

This year, the Walt Disney Company has once again earned the ire of its fans and community with its Thanksgiving image. The Walt Disney Company has not had the easiest year. It’s been fraught with difficulty and controversy for the Mouse House. For one, 2023 saw Disney CEO Bob Iger working around the clock to ensure that the company would ...

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Disney Conned Into Hiring University Drop Out with Fake Degree

disney hired fake degree

Recent reports share that a university dropout faked a degree from a prestigious university to con the Walt Disney Company, among others, into hiring her. The Walt Disney Company is one of the most prestigious names in the world to be associated with. The company, which is celebrating its centennial this year, is known to have been a trendsetter in ...

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Disney May Never Be the Same! Bob Iger Concerned After Reported Emergency Meeting Signals Shocking Change

disney emergency hostile takeover

Disney CEO Bob Iger might reportedly deal with a hostile takeover after a recent emergency meeting has called into question the company’s future. The Walt Disney Company has been navigating choppy waters lately. The company, which celebrated its centennial this year, didn’t have a wholly wholesome celebration. In fact, 2023 was quite a challenging one for the company, wherein its ...

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Disney Allegedly Continues Politically Correct Purge With Removal of ‘The Aristocats’

Animals with stamp sign cancelled

The Walt Disney Company ventured into the streaming industry by launching its own service, Disney+, in 2019. In a highly competitive market, where viewers have various options like Netflix, Peacock, and Apple, Disney+ aimed to offer a unique streaming experience. However, despite being a late entrant, Disney+ lacked in its content offerings compared to its competitors. To everyone’s surprise, Disney, ...

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Late Robin Williams Voice Recreated, Could Be Used in Future Movies

Robin Williams with the Castle behind him

The daughter of legendary actor and entertainer Robin Williams is speaking out against technology that could bring him back to the big screen. Robin Mclaurin Williams was a legendary actor and comedian known for his unparalleled talent, boundless energy, and incredible versatility. He tragically passed away on August 11, 2014, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire and entertain. ...

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