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Return of Bob Chapek? Disney Competitor’s Shakeup Draws Speculation

Bob Chapek Universal

Could Bob Chapek return to a leading role in the entertainment industry? The Walt Disney Company has dealt with several employment-based blows as their people go off and bring magic–and profits–to the competition, and perhaps the most significant example is Jeffrey Katzenberg. After helping spearhead the Disney Renaissance, driving Walt Disney Animation Studios to deliver instant classics from The Little ...

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Privacy Win! Disney Scraps “Chapek-Era” Fan-Tracking Ambitions

Disney Prime Privacy

Cost-cutting efforts at The Walt Disney Company appear to have secured a privacy win for fans and Theme Park Guests. Recently, we at Disney Fanatic reported that the “Disney Prime” membership was going the way of the dodo. This would have essentially combined the many different Disney products, from the Disney+ streaming platform to the MyDisneyExperience app, into one lump ...

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Governor DeSantis Recounts Disney Takedown on California Visit

DeSantis Disney Takeover

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis visited California, the home of The Walt Disney Company, on his book tour and echoed his government’s decision to reign in the corporate autonomy found at the Reedy Creek Improvement District. “I can tell you this,” he said. “Disney may have gotten everything they wanted in Florida for the last 60 years, but there’s a new ...

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Hedge Fund Billionaire Backs Disney CEO Despite Controversies


Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger — who recently returned from a well-paid ‘retirement’ position to take the lead role from now-former CEO Bob Chapek — does not seem to be very popular with his co-workers; however, the Disney CEO’s leadership style and plans for Disney (which he recently shared amidst some controversies and in-house shakeups) apparently appealed to at ...

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Wall Street Analyst Sticks With Disney Despite Controversies


According to this report, at least one Wall Street analyst still thinks that the Walt Disney Company is a good ‘horse’ to bet on in the stock market — even though morale among Disney employees is low, Disney Resort and Disney Park Guests are complaining extensively about their experiences on Disney vacations, and Disney’s CEO Bob Iger has just announced ...

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What Does the End of the Bob Chapek Era Really Mean?

disney current state

Disney has repeatedly hammered the point home that the Bob Chapek Era is over. But this begs the question, what does this mean for the current state of the Walt Disney Company? As Disney Fanatics know, the February 8 earnings call brought a lot of news—some good, some grave—for Disney fans to process. Post the earnings call, the continued trickle ...

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End of Chapek Era: Iger Announces Massive Company Transformation

bob Iger disney restructuring

The Infamous Chapek Era has officially come to an end, and Bob Iger is back with what he recognizes and the third massive transformation he has led the company through. Speaking at the Company’s Q1 2023 Financial Earnings Webcast, Iger laid out a brand new structure for The Company. “After a solid first quarter, we are embarking on a significant ...

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Bob “Paycheck” Got Paid! Former CEO Made Over 400 Times the Average Disney Employee

disney annual meeting notice

It seems former Disney CEO Bob Chapek isn’t quite out of the news just yet… Disney’s annual meeting notice filing has revealed some unfortunate truths about the pay disparity between high-level executives and “median employees.” Bob Chapek can’t seem to catch a break. The former CEO was embroiled in controversy after controversy until his ousting in November of last year; ...

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Top New Year’s Resolutions Disney Guests Need to Adopt

New Year's Resolutions feature image

With every new year that rolls around, the act of making New Year’s resolutions is a fairly common practice among many. Folks naturally want to resolve to do better in some area of their lives, feeling that the start of a new year offers a time for a fresh start over. Disney fanatics are no exception to the scores of ...

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