Return of Bob Chapek? Disney Competitor’s Shakeup Draws Speculation

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Could Bob Chapek return to a leading role in the entertainment industry?

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The Walt Disney Company has dealt with several employment-based blows as their people go off and bring magic–and profits–to the competition, and perhaps the most significant example is Jeffrey Katzenberg.

After helping spearhead the Disney Renaissance, driving Walt Disney Animation Studios to deliver instant classics from The Little Mermaid to The Lion King and more, Katzenberg would leave Disney to join forces with Steven Spielberg to create a new movie studio called Dreamworks, which would deliver Disney fiercest competition in the animated realm. Those movies–so good they often get confused as Disney movies–include Road to El Dorado, Prince of Egypt, and Shrek.


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Now, it seems that another former Disney executive might get snatched up by the competition–or, at least, jokingly.

When NBCUniversal announced that CEO Jeff Shell was stepping down from his position, questions immediately arose about who was going to fill the void. It did not take long before someone nominated Disney’s most-disliked CEO, Bob Chapek.

Check it out:

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Of course, this is all in jest. There is no word confirming that Bob Chapek is even available for the job, and there is a good chance that he isn’t a valid option from a legal perspective. When Bob Iger returned to replace Chapek, the former Disney Parks Chairman had just renewed a three-year contract and still continues to receive parts of a significantly large exit clause that would not require any person to find a new job anytime soon.

Chapek still has not spoken publically about being fired from Disney, suggesting NDAs are involved. If he returns to the corporate world, only time will tell how that will take place.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to update our readers on Disney-related news as more developments come to light.

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