“Kick Them Out”: Mother and Child Yelled at by Guests in Line at Disney Park

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Line jumpers at the Disney Parks have been in the news lately; now, a mother and child were on the receiving end of chants to “kick them out!”

The Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are among the best destinations in the world for that magical Disney vacation. Guests flock to the Disney Parks to get a chance to see their favorite attractions, go on incredible rides, and meet beloved characters. However, many times, it’s been noted that some Guests behave in ways that ruin the experience for others. One of the most recent examples of that has been line jumpers at either Disney Park.

Disneyland Park/Disney

Disneyland Park/Disney

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While line jumping is certainly a frustrating behavior to deal with at the Disney Parks, one incident was shared on social media recently that has garnered some attention.

Reddit user, u/u/Spoon_OS, took to the platform to share their opinion on the phenomenon:

PSA: People who cut through the line to get to their group.


Stick with the group and commit, or wait till your party finishes and enjoy another cool attraction.

Many users shared their own stories and experiences with line jumping. Some users shared that they didn’t mind it too much when the line was taking longer than expected, and Guests needed to use the restroom or get water. But an unfortunate incident was reported in precisely this kind of situation.

Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort/Disney

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U/toboggan16 shared,

A kid behind us had to go and then mom left to take him and then come back, and a TON of guests started yelling at them and then chanting “kick them out”. A cast member came and the poor mom and kid were both crying… we tried to say that we saw them before they left but people were yelling so loud. Not sure what ended up happening, I hope they got to ride and weren’t kicked out! I know with my kids we try our best to not wait in anything long before they pee but we’ve had times when the waits are much longer than expected and it’s so hard.

It’s unknown at this time if the mom and kid did get to go on the ride, but it’s certainly a difficult situation when line jumping is so prevalent to have had a genuine reason to leave the line and come back.

sleeping beauty castle

Sleeping Beauty Castle/Disney

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Commenters were sympathetic to the mother and child’s predicament, and u/jcillic shared when something similar had happened to them. “We had a few who gave us crap; in sure it was embarrassing for my son to have to tell people it was bathroom- related. Made comments that ‘this ride really needs bathrooms in the queue’ and that seemed to get people with us, as opposed to against us.”

Disneyland Resort is home to Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. At either Theme Park, Guests can enjoy many iconic attractions and experiences, like “Haunted Mansion,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Jungle Cruise,” “Indiana Jones Adventure,” “Space Mountain,” and more.

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