Guest Behavior Reaches New Low In Latest Report

disney guest bad behavior

Reports of Guest behavior have hit a new low, with this former Cast Member detailing how a Guest assaulted them during their time at the Parks.

Fans worldwide flock to the Disney Parks to get their fill of the Disney magic. Whichever Theme Park you choose, Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure, the Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort are known for their immersive Disney experience that Guests know and love.

disneyland resort

Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland Resort/Disney

The heart of this experience are the Disney Cast Members. But they’re not always treated with this consideration. There have been innumerable examples recently of Cast Members reporting that Guests were behaving in ways that made them uncomfortable and occasionally even crossed the line into harassment.

In the latest news, a former Cast Member, u/fishmom5 on Reddit, shared a horrifying account of how she was treated as a Cast Member by Guests visiting Disneyland Resort:

Former CM. I was: spat on, punched twice, had a burger thrown at me, and verbally abused more than I care to recount. I was a kid right out of college making peanuts. I saw a thread yesterday griping about CMs phoning it in and I wanted to scream. You never had a bad day at your crummy job?

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Mickey Mouse at Disneyland Park/Disney

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Many other Cast Members corroborated this terrible account and shared that they had similar experiences. The OP opened the discussion by sharing that “people in another thread had been complaining that CMs working at a particular ride weren’t attractive enough,” going on to question “How sickening can you get?”

partners stature disneyland resort

Partners Statue, Disneyland Resort/Disney Parks Blog

Cast Members are human beings and must be treated with respect and kindness on and off the clock. Cast Members make Guests’ time at Disneyland Resort, and Walt Disney World Resort runs smoothly. Without them, Disney Park Guests could not ride attractions, get snacks, or buy merchandise. It’s important to treat them with the respect and consideration they deserve.

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