Disney Seems to Turn a Blind Eye to Trespassing College Program Students

disney college program trespassing

In a shocking turn of events, it appears a group of students from the Disney College Program were involved in “trespassing & underage public drinking.”

After shutting down in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Disney College Program (DCP) returned to Walt Disney World Resort. The program allows thousands of college students and recent graduates to live, learn, and work at the Disney Parks—Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom— the Resort hotels, and the recreational area, Disney Springs.

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Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World/Disney

Walt Disney World recently sold its former Disney College Program housing complexes—Vista Way, Chatham Square, Patterson Court, and The Commons—for a new massive Resort-style complex called Flamingo Crossings. It appears, however, that while participants are happy with these new living quarters, the apartments, and the amenities, some nearby Orlando residents are struggling to adjust.

TikTok user @miksstuff shared a video of an interaction she had with some Disney College Program students who were hanging out in her apartment’s dog park, where she politely asked them to go home and explained that the dog park is private property.


Guys I’ve been nice, you need to stop or I’ll just get the police next time #dcp #disneycollegeprogram #disneycp #disney

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In the video, we see that the DCP participants say they didn’t know that was the case, but @miksstuff disagreed in the comments. They wrote in the comments, “This is trespassing & underage public drinking. I’m sick. I’m calling the police next time.”

A few commenters suggested that perhaps @miksstuff should not call the police. They pointed out that even if the students are under 21, they may be used to drinking in their home country. But the OP said it’s been a frequent problem and has been avoiding calling the police for months:

If they refuse to listen to reason maybe they will listen to law enforcement. If I go to another country I don’t expect the laws of my country to apply…I am going to the housing center *again* first thing tomorrow, but this has been a problem for MONTHS. If they can’t learn, then that’s no longer on me. If someone gets deported I’m sure they will stop coming to the park. It’s extreme, but if they can’t listen they will learn…Also* if they were 21 & in a Non-Wellness DCP Apartment, they could drink there. Plus there’s a bar in walking distance. It’s a big red flag for them to be hiding in the dog park with alcohol… they wouldn’t need to do that if they were legal…

main street usa magic kingdom

Main Street, U.S.A., Magic Kingdom/Disney

@miksstuff shared two more videos of previously recorded incidents constantly demonstrating them telling DCP participants to not trespass and drink in public. Frustrated, the OP finally shared in a comment, “I PAY MONEY, TOO MUCH money, for people underage people to come in & make the park dangerous for my & other residents pets,” Mik wrote in a comment. “There are literally bars in walking distance from the DCP housing, but if they aren’t hanging out in bars & bringing alcohol to my park… illegal + ?”

It’s important to note that other than the OP’s report, there is no confirmation of the students being underage. Though it is undoubtedly clear they are trespassing on private property and breaking the apartment’s rules.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to report on all Disney news as it comes to light.

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