Mother Injured in Another Incident During Disney World Fireworks

Disney guests fight fireworks

Despite Disney’s Theme Park Reservation System supposedly keeping crowds lower than they were in 2019 or earlier, it appears that more crowd altercations between Guests are happening, including, in this most recent case, during the nighttime fireworks spectacular.

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The Walt Disney World Resort’s nightly performance of “Disney Enchantment” fireworks show in the skies above Cinderella Castle attracts most of the Guests at the Magic Kingdom to find a spot in the central hub or down Main Street, U.S.A., to view the spectacle. Many Guests will show up several minutes, if not hours, ahead of showtime to secure their favorite spot, and Cast Members have gotten stricter and stricter about ensuring that the marked thoroughfares remain open for Guests passing from one end of the Park to another.

Recent reports have shown that some Guests are not the more courteous when being packed together into viewing areas with others, especially, it seems, parents with small children.

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One of the most recent stories posted to social media shared how once again, parents thought it appropriate to harass adults standing in front of their kids.

“We’ve just finished watching the Enchantment fireworks at MK. Pretty good show. However, I would like to discuss etiquette for shows. My mum had a family behind her with a stroller, who seemed to think shoving it into the back of her legs throughout the whole show was acceptable. At the very end of the show, they pushed it so hard that she fell over.

We gave them a piece of our mind, but they didn’t seem to bat an eye. Why is that acceptable? We just wanted to enjoy the show. If the aim is to make us move, no sorry we’re not. We got there in good time and we’re not exactly tall ourselves! It has definitely diminished the experience which is a shame.”

Disney Fanatic recently shared a similar story in which two adults were harassed by an angry father who was furious at them for blocking his kids’ view, even though he pushed his way through the crowd last minute and the adults were already standing in place for some time.

Disney Enchantment Fireworks

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