Disney Restaurant Ignores Policy and Refuses to Serve Guest

Some Guests are attributing alcoholic beverages to the reason for the increase in Disney Park Guests' bad behavior. This particular Guest was cut off after 12 drinks in the Magic Kingdom.

Even though the former Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger has returned and the now-former CEO Bob Chapek has made his exit, and many Disney fans are starting to feel more positive about the Walt Disney Company, Disney Parks, and Disney Resorts’ futures, there are apparently still some hiccups going on within Disney Parks that are leading to Disney Guest dissatisfaction.

One of the areas where many Disney Guests have been running into difficulties or inconveniences is Disney dining opportunities and restaurants. Disney restaurant prices have continued to rise, as have many other prices involving Disney vacations, but many Disney dining experiences have reportedly decreased in quality.

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Credit: Disney

Alcoholic beverages have been a particularly big point of contention among Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort Guests recently, since Disney Guests’ bad behavior is only getting worse, and many Disney fans are attributing alcoholic beverages to the increase. Disney has cut back on its alcoholic offerings in several locations, and recently broke its own “unlimited drinks” policy when a Guest tried to order 12 drinks!

TikTok user Cameron Banks apparently paid for both Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and the afterparty called Minnie’s Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks Dessert Party, which takes place in Tomorrowland Terrace within the Magic Kingdom.

“I’m not here for dessert. I’m here to get drunk in Magic Kingdom,” Cameron Banks confessed — and the TikToker did indeed drink, as shown in the video below! Unfortunately for Banks, Cast Members did end up setting aside their own “unlimited drinks” rule (which is a rule that applies to specific events like Minnie’s Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks Dessert Party, not all events) and cutting off his drink intake for the night.
Banks was supposedly a good sport about the incident, but many other Disney fans spoke about their own experiences with being cut off from alcoholic beverages in the video’s comments.

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We had seen a similar issue emerge at the Blue Bayou restaurant, which can be found in Disneyland near the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and features New Orleans and Louisiana cuisine.

blue bayou

The Blue Bayou restaurant Credit: Disney

The Blue Bayou restaurant is typically seen as a high-end and in-demand Disneyland restaurant, but the dining establishment has disappointed or frustrated some Disneyland Guests many times in recent months — and just as this Magic Kingdom Guest had experienced disappointment, so too did a Blue Bayou customer who left in consternation after a waiter refused to serve them alcohol!

Have you ever been cut off by Cast Members while enjoying a Disney cruise with Disney Cruise Line or visiting Disney Parks in Walt Disney World Resort (including EPCOT, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom) and doing drinking activities such as Drinking Around the World?

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