Controversial Disney Vlogger Admits to Fighting at Disney Event

Justin Scarred Spencer Best Life and Beyond fight
Credit: Best Life and Beyond / Justin Scarred

Nearly one week ago, popular Disneyland Vlogger Justin Scarred shared a disturbing experience that he had at Disneyland Park during a Disneyland After Dark event. According to Scarred, while he was at Disneyland After Dark: Princess Nite, he was confronted by two vloggers that he knew. He said that they accused him of speaking poorly about them, which he denied. Scarred admitted that things got heated and said that one of the two vloggers threatened to punch him. Scarred said that the incident rattled him because he always tries to be a positive person.

Disneyland After Dark Princess Nite

Credit: Disney

In his video, Scarred never named the two vloggers who threatened him at Princess Nite. All he said was that they had been involved in other controversies, like going to the Parks while sick with COVID. However, many people who commented on the video claimed that they knew he was confronted by the two people who run the YouTube channel Best Life and Beyond — Katie Slockbower and Spencer Emmons.

Now, Spencer Emmons is speaking out, claiming that Justin was, in fact, the aggressor.

Spencer Emmons Best Life and Beyond

Credit: Best Life and Beyond YouTube

Recently, Spencer posted a video, saying that he does not usually address these kinds of things, but felt the need to defend himself. According to Emmons, he and Katie are both familiar with Scarred. They were even friends in the past. He said they saw each other at Princess Nite at Disneyland Resort and exchanged pleasantries. Emmons then said that he decided to ask Scarred if he had said something negative about Emmons. Emmons said that Scarred immediately got “defensive” and denied saying anything bad about the couple.

Disneyland After Dark Princess Nite

Credit: Disney

From there, things went downhill. Emmons admitted that both parties ended up raising their voices, yelling at cursing at each other. Mind you, this happened at Disneyland, while families were trying to enjoy the evening. Emmons said that he walked away, but was followed by Scarred. He provided a video to back up that claim.

You can watch Emmons explain his side of what happened below.

Unfortunately for Emmons, a majority of commenters were not on his side. In the past, both Spencer and Katie have been accused of poor behavior at the theme parks. They have been accused of being rude to Cast Members, making fun of Guests, going to the Parks during COVID knowing they were sick, and getting angry at Guests who got in the way of their filming. Because of all of these things, commenters were not quick to believe what Emmons said.

Many said that Emmons started it when he turned a pleasant interaction ugly by asking a loaded question. Others said that these two are always involved in controversy and say that it’s never their fault. Some said that Disney should ban the two vloggers. There is even a petition with thousands of signatures calling for their ban.

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