Disney Influencer Says He Was Threatened By Disney Vloggers

Disney Vlogger Fight Princess Nite
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One of the fastest-growing social media groups out there is those who share their experiences at Disney Parks and Resorts around the works. Disney vloggers and social media influencers are some of the first to share big Disney news. They also share fun livestreams, tips, tricks, food reviews, and so much more. While there are a lot of great Disney vloggers who are nice people just wanting to share their love of Disney, there are others who want to be famous, no matter the cost, and want to make all the money they can off those who follow them.

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One of the people who loves to share his love of Disney is Justin Scarred, who has been vlogging about the Parks for a decade. Justin has tens of thousands of followers, with many loving his many trips to Disneyland. For the most part, Justin has always stayed out of the drama and maintained a positive attitude He continued to do that, even when he was threatened by other Disney vloggers.

Disneyland After Dark Princess Nite

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According to Justin, he was attending Disneyland After Dark: Princess Nite when the incident happened. Justin said that he was filming when two people walked up to him aggressively. They then acted like they wanted to fight, but Justin tried to defuse the situation. The vloggers realized they were wrong, but the damage had been done.

Justin explained what happened at Princess Nite below:

Many of those who watched and commented pointed fingers at the controversial Disney Vloggers who run the site Best Life and Beyond. Some said that they had seen other videos where Justin could be seen defending himself from them. Even though Justin said that he wouldn’t name who it was, he mentioned that the vloggers had been involved with a COVID issue at the Parks.

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Best Life and Beyond had been called out prior because they admitted that one of them went to the Parks knowing they were sick, although they denied having COVID. The Vloggers have also been called out in the past for their poor treatment of Guests, including making fun of them and being rude if they wanted the Guests to move.

It should be noted that Justin never identified the vloggers, even after people were saying that they knew who they were. Justin just continues to share his Disney adventures and remains above the fray.

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