Will Disney Take a Stand Against Disruptive Guests with a Permanent Ban?

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The internet is back at it, and the subject? Disney adults. Yet again, this controversial group of adults is at the center of more debate and discussion, and it’s because of what many consider to be unacceptable behavior on their part. Time and again, many instances have come to light of Disney adults behaving in inconsiderate or occasionally flat-out inappropriate ways. Now, some are worried that one frustrating behavior from Disney adults might have more drastic consequences: a permanent phone ban on phones.

haunted mansion disneyland

Haunted Mansion, Disneyland Park, Disneyland Resort/Courtesy of Disney

Disney has not shied away from banning certain practices when necessary. For example, one Disney Resort banned vlogging, a step that many fans appreciated deeply, considering many have spoken out repeatedly about how frustrating vloggers and live streamers can be and how disruptive they are to fellow Guests trying to enjoy their Disney experience and Disney vacation.

Now, fans have brought up the topic again while discussing etiquette that they follow while at the Disney Theme Parks and sharing what some fans did that has been particularly disorderly and troublesome.

sleeping beauty castle

Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland Park/Courtesy of Disney

The behavior that came up most often was the usage of phones in a multitude of ways while on dark rides. A few Guests brought up how many Disney adults will constantly take photos with flash or bright lighting while on a dark ride. U/vextin15 shared, “Idk how, but without fail, every time I’m on Haunted Mansion, someone uses flash in Madame Leota’s room.

Another fan chimed in about another Disney adult, “Lady was filming with flash on. Wtf. They stopped ride and asked everyone to turn off flashlights. She had no clue. Entire ride was stopped a good 60-90s for her to understand. Everyone was trying to tell her. She straight up ignored.”

One ride that was brought up multiple times was the Little Mermaid attraction as well, with fans stating how often they had seen Guests using flash photography while in the area and ruining the experience with their phones.

disneyland resort pixar pier

Pixar Pier, Disney California Adventure Park/Courtesy of Disney

Another Guest shared the experience they’d had while on holiday at the Walt Disney World Resort, sharing their experience while on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Magic Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World:

byu/SpaceCaseTrace from discussion

While no such ban has been announced, Disney has certainly made it clear with their policies in the past that they are not opposed to taking action when Guests cross lines and either endanger the safety of other Guests or disrupt the experience of fellow Park visitors.

It certainly shouldn’t need to be said that being courteous to your fellow Guests is a must while at a Disney Theme Park.

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