Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter Suffers “Truly Wild Abuse” After Seemingly Getting Kidnapped

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s daughter, Ava, recently suffered some “truly wild abuse” from trolls online after she seemingly got kidnapped during an NXT special.

It was an unfortunate week for Dwayne Johnson’s daughter, Ava—real name Simone Johnson—when she participated in a kidnapping skit during the WWE NXT special and then was on the receiving end of intense vitriol from trolls online after the event. The 22-year-old is following in her father’s footsteps and faced a fair amount of drama after a momentous occasion in her WWE career.

Dwayne Johnson Daughter Tiana

Dwayne Johnson and his daughter Tiana / Credit: Dwayne Johnson, Instagram

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Ava Plays Her First Singles Match

On Tuesday night, Ava stepped up and played a vital role in the show when she played her first singles match against Ivy Nile. However, as Ava came up short, she was seemingly carried out of the match by two masked men who appeared to be in her Schism group. Later on, it was revealed that the two men were Ivy’s allies, Julius and Brutus Creed, and they kidnapped Ava as part of the storyline.

As Metro explained,

As part of the storyline kidnapping, the Creed Brothers laid down a challenge for Schism duo Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler – AKA The Dyad – to face them next Tuesday in a Steel Cage Match with the Creeds’ NXT status on the line.

ava dwayne johnson daughter wwe

Dwayne Johnson’s daughter, Ava / Credit: WWE

Fans Hurl Abuses at Ava After the Skit

Metro also reported that after the skit, many fans crossed the line and began hurling abuses at the WWE star, including “wishing her dead.”

Ava took to X, formerly known as Twitter, calling these trolls out to share, “Not liking me for whatever reason is whatever but telling me you wish the creeds killed me because “i’m an ugly b***h” is truly wild.”

Fans also spoke out in support of the WWE star, commenting, “Truly disgusting people,’ wrote one fan, while another added: ‘A lot of these “fans” need to learn not to cross the line and actually think before they say anything, clearly.”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has not spoken out about these developments, likely because Ava has the situation handled herself, and per the age-old saying, “That’s showbiz.”

It does go without saying, however, that these sorts of comments are absolutely reprehensible, and it’s important to be respectful while addressing people online.

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