Embracing the Coziness of Hygge This Autumn and Winter? Here’s How to Do It Disney-Style


In case you haven’t been paying attention to trending slang in the past few years, hygge is a Scandinavian word that has been taking the world by storm–but only in autumn and winter! Hygge (pronounced: hoo-guh) is “the feeling of coziness and contentment evoked by simple comforts, such as being wrapped in a blanket, having good conversations, or enjoying food and time with family”. Essentially, hygge means comfort–and what’s more comforting than Disney? Disney shared their own suggestions for hygge ways to usher in the colder weather and connect with your family while being cozy indoors; read on for their top five ideas!

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The first step to any cozy hygge day is something warm to drink. A warm cup of tea or hot chocolate will invigorate your senses while also calming and warming you from the inside out! If you need a particularly cute Frozen-inspired mug to use for the comforting and restorative drink of your choice, then this Marshmallow and Snowgies Mug from is the perfect option!

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The second step is using a warm element of clothing or a blanket to curl up. The fuzzier the texture of the clothing or blankets, the better! If you want a blanket that allows you to warm up and get extra warm fuzzies from displaying your love of Frozen, then you’ll definitely want this inexpensive and attractive Frozen-inspired blanket!

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It’s easy to watch Frozen, Frozen 2, or the upcoming Olaf Presents show on Disney Plus — but any Frozen fan knows that singing along to the Frozen songs is particularly important, especially when you’re having a nice cuddly night with friends or family and everyone is drinking warm drinks within their Frozen blankets! To help encourage this comfy karaoke, check out this new Elsa Feature Doll by Jakks Pacific. We love the Elsa-inspired microphone!

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One side effect of hygge is the tendency to nap. If you’re trying to participate in storytime with your family, but find yourself nodding off after a warming drink, then you may want to look into the new Story Telling Olaf from Just Play! This version of Olaf is the perfect complement to both a night of sleepy storytelling and Olaf Presents!

Disney Olaf Presents - A Disney+ Day Premiere, November 12 only on Disney+: How to

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Want some more hygge suggestions? Check out this relaxing, wintry, and lesser-known source of entertainment that’s perfect for anyone who loves Frozen and its Norwegian themes!

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