EPCOT Guests Spotted Smoking in Restricted Area

Guests Smoking at EPCOT
Images Credit: @PrincessMel2 / Clipart

Well, you never know what Disney Guests will think up next! In this case, it looks like two EPCOT Guests decided they would find a restricted area to use for a smoke break while in the Disney Park.

World Showcase Lagoon
Credit: DisneyFanatic

Disney Guests breaking the rules unfortunately isn’t anything new. Just recently we shared a video of Guests moving restaurant chairs to sit in the middle of Main Street, U.S.A. for the nighttime fireworks. Remember the guy who was spotted putting his arm under an “it’s a small world” boat? And yes, you may remember the grumpy Guest who had a meltdown over their stroller being moved. Sadly, these incidents happen, and many times someone is around to snap a photo or video.

Here enters the next Disney rule-breaking Guests. Keep in mind, smoking is no longer allowed inside any of Walt Disney World’s Parks. Secondly, you can’t climb down to a restricted area in the Theme Park because it looks like a good place to smoke.

Pinocchio smoking
Credit: Disney

A Disney Guest, @PrincessMel2, took to Twitter on January 30 to share a photo of two people that are standing next to the World Showcase Lagoon in EPCOT. She notes, “Juuust checking to make sure there’s no FotA booths down by the water.” “FotA” stands for EPCOT International Festival of the Arts. Check out the photo below:

Two people standing near EPCOT water smoking
Credit: @PrincessMel2 Twitter

Walt Disney World Resort does have a designated smoking area located outside of each of their Parks and Resorts, but smoking inside the Park is not allowed. Seemingly worse is that these Guests took the opportunity to find a restricted spot.

@PrincessMel2 continues with the comment with, “Lol I should have yelled out “there’s no figment popcorn buckets down there”… which is perfect timing with the recent Figment Popcorn Bucket frenzy.

And when someone asked, “Anyone know what came about this?” @PrincessMel2 added, “I only saw them walk back up the stairs from where I was standing across the lake. Just right back into the crowd, I assume. I didn’t see them get stopped.”

Well, it sounds like they may have gotten away with it?? Have you ever spotted any rule-breaking Guests in the Disney Parks?

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