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‘Modern Family’ Star Joins Season 2 of ‘The Santa Clauses’!

Eric Stonestreet Modern Family The Santa Clauses
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When celebrating the most wonderful time of the year, Disney+ is one of the best places to go to have the ultimate Christmas movie and television show marathon. There are so many great options to get you into the holiday spirit, including classics like Home Alone, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Muppet Christmas Carol. There are also new Christmas tales created by Disney, like Noelle, Prep & Landing, and Christmas Again?! One of the most popular franchises during the merriest time of year is the hit Santa Clause trilogy.

The Santa Clause 3

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This past holiday season, Disney brought Scott Calvin, AKA Santa Claus, and his family, back in a big way with its release of the new Disney+ series, The Santa Clauses. The new series shows Scott and his family living their lives at the North Pole, but after more than twenty years of delivering presents to boys and girls around the world, Scott is ready to hang up the red suit and spend more time with his family. Of course, nothing ever goes smoothly, or according to plan, and Scott’s retirement ideas are no exception.

the santa clauses

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The Santa Clauses was a huge hit with Disney fans, and the show was renewed for a second season just one month after it was released on Disney’s streaming platform.

Now, per a new report, we are learning that Disney has cast a powerhouse member of the Disney and ABC family to join the series in its second season. According to The Wrap, Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet will join the series as Magnus Antas, AKA Mad Santa!

The show adds Stonestreet for Season 2, production of which is underway. He will play the role of Magnus Antas, also known as the Mad Santa, who reigned during the 14th century and is now returning to try and take down Scott Calvin (Allen) and reclaim the North Pole, according to Disney+. 

In the second season, the Calvin family has returned to the North Pole after Calvin’s retirement plans did not work out as planned when he could not to find a successor worthy of Santa’s duties. Picking up after Scott and his family saved Christmas in Season 1, Scott focuses on training his son Calvin to take over the “family business.”

Eric Stonestreet Modern Family

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Stonestreet played Cameron Tucker on Modern Family, which ran on ABC from 2009 until 2020. In the series, he was married to Jessie Tyler Ferguson’s character, Mitchell Pritchett. In addition to portraying Cam, Stonestreet has also appeared in many hit films and television shows, including The Secret Life of Pets, Nip/Tuck, Confirmation, Bad Teacher, Identity Thief, and Almost Famous.

Eric Stonestreet

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At this time, we don’t know many more details about The Santa Clauses season two. Tim Allen has confirmed that he will return as Santa Claus/Scott Calvin and Elizabeth Mitchell will return as Mrs. Claus. Austin Kane and Elizabeth Allen-Dick — Allen’s real-life daughter — will also reprise their roles as Scott and Carol’s kids, Cal Calvin Claus and Sandra Calvin Claus. Devin Bright will return as Noel, and Matilda Lawler will return as Betty.

The Santa Clauses

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We do not know if David Krumholtz will return as Bernard or if Eric Lloyd will return as Scott’s oldest son, Charlie.

Season two of The Santa Clauses will also introduce Olga — a gnome who doesn’t understand things like feelings and empathy. Olga will be the sidekick to Stonestreet’s Mad Santa.

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