Family Loses Home in Fire While on Disneyland Vacation

Vang Family
Credit: GoFundMe/Outhaya Xiong

A Disneyland Resort vacation can be a magical experience that allows families to momentarily escape the world of today and return home rejuvenated. But for the Vang family of Yuba County, California, a magical vacation turned to disaster when they received video of their home burning to the ground.

Main Street, U.S.A.

Credit: Disney

According to ABC10, the horrific event took place over Independence Day Weekend:

“Homeowner Jay Vang got the news in a video sent by a relative on the afternoon of July 2. At the time, he was on a trip to Disneyland with his wife, Phuoa, two sons and young daughter…While the Vang family lost their home, three cars, and countless other prized possessions, they are grateful to be together and unhurt. In the meantime, they are staying with a relative a few blocks away.”

Vang Family

Credit: GoFundMe/Outhaya Xiong

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This incident involved the destruction of at least three homes in the area and was added to an ongoing arson investigation suspected to involve juveniles.

“No words. No words can explain it,” Vang said.

“It looks like one of those movies, like a Mad Max movie, where nothing’s left,” Vang said. “Like a bad dream that has come true, you know?”

According to a GoFundMe page set up to help the family cover expenses, the Vang family never got a chance to check into their hotel. They had to rush back home, letting go of hundreds of dollars of Disneyland Tickets in the process.

Credit: Disney

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Disneyland is supposed to be the Happiest Place On Earth where dreams can come true, and it makes the 4th of July weekend extra magical. But it appears that nightmares of the real world still find their way in.

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