‘We Are Conservative Christians,’ Family Outraged at Transgender Evil Queen

Transgender Evil Queen
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Disney is facing even more backlash for its decision to include characters at meet-and-greets whose biological sex does not match that of the traditional character. That backlash took off this week after a video surfaced from a family’s trip to the Story Book Dining at Artist Point at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge within Walt Disney World Resort.

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The video itself is relatively benign. In it, the family meets Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and takes viewers through their entire $300 meal.

However, near the end of the video, the family encounters the Evil Queen. It is a quick interaction, as the mother tells the Evil Queen they are her favorite evil character.

The backlash came from the comments, as one person asked, “Why is that dude playing the Evil Queen?” Viewers took that comment as fact and ran with it, questioning why Disney World would have a biological male playing a traditional female character.

This story took on a new dimension yesterday when a father from a “conservative Christian family,” demanded to know the biological sex of the person playing the Evil Queen from the manager at Story Book Dining.

The man and his family were having dinner, and when it came time to meet the Evil Queen, the father told the waiter that he believed it was a “drag queen” playing the character. He informed the waiter that he had spent a lot of money on his Disney World vacation this year and had spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years.

He also told the waiter that it showed a lack of respect because having someone play a role whose gender identity did not match the character was against his “family values,” and he did not want his child to be a part of that.

He asked to speak with the manager, who assured the father that a woman was playing the role and that she had been “so excited” to get the role of the Evil Queen.

However, that did not satisfy him, and he asked if it was a “biological male,” and the manager responded that she “could not answer that.”

The Evil Queen, a Disney Villain, speaks with Guests in two different screenshots.

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The man said:

She (the manager) went even further, trying to shame me, informing me that ‘she’ was so excited to get the part as the Evil Queen. For a brief moment, I thought, ‘Maybe I’m wrong,’ but then I realized I was just being gaslighted.

Despite the family’s outrage, most of the reaction on social media was positive. Several former cast members pointed out that most of the characters in costumes were played by women, including males.

Other comments pointed out that the person playing the Evil Queen was portraying a fictional character whose sexual orientation is irrelevant to the character.

It is also important to note that Disney has not confirmed the gender identity of the person playing the Evil Queen in this video.

What do you think of the controversy surrounding the Evil Queen at Disney World? 

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  1. I think this father is NOT being very Christian at all!!! I don’t care if the father wants to refer to himself as a “conservative Christian” he is NOT being any type of Christian except rude and belligerent. He is lucky I was not the manager that answered to his whining. I think he was probably trying to get his meal refunded after his family consumed everything that wasn’t tied to the plate/table and had a great evening until the possibility presented itself that if he got loud enough and made a big enough scene about the actor in question the manager might offer to settle up the receipt. I hope that did not happen and they were just laughed at and sent on their way!

  2. ConnieWms…I agree with you wholeheartedly! This man is definitely NOT a Christian. Seems to be a lot of that around these days. Thank you for pointing it out.

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