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For some Disney fans, staying in a Deluxe Resort during a Walt Disney World Resort vacation is a crucial part of the Disney customer experience. Resorts like the Grand Floridian, Polynesian, or Animal Kingdom Lodge can certainly be lovely Disney Resorts for a vacation, whether you are traveling with your significant other, or your family, or some Disney Adult friends.

However, there are plenty of cheaper, more down-to-earth Disney Resorts to enjoy as well — and one writer just tried out a particularly “down-to-earth” Resort to compare the experience! Insider writer Keith Langston recently shared his review of the rustic Disney Resort known as Fort Wilderness, and returned from the experience with some interesting takeaways.


Horseback riding is a popular activity at the Walt Disney World Resort called Fort Wilderness Resort — and this Resort also uses recycled glass to line its trails as part of a unique pilot program. Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Fort Wilderness Resort is not just a Disney Resort with cabins for Disney Guests to stay in; this wilderness-focused Disney Resort also includes campgrounds to allow Guests to camp in tents just like they would on plenty of state parks or national parks’ landscapes!

According to Langston, the campground experience was actually part of the Disney Resort’s charm (even though some other Disney Guests would find the idea of camping during a Disney vacation to be abhorrent).

“I wasn’t sure I was going to like staying in a cabin and I never pictured myself staying in one during a Disney vacation,” Langston said in his article.

cabins disney's fort wilderness

This Fort Wilderness cabin is just one of the many cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campgrounds/Disney

However, the writer immediately observed “just how big Fort Wilderness is,” marveling at the fact that “the entire property is surrounded by swamplands and woods”.

“While there, I had no idea I was anywhere near the parks despite Magic Kingdom being just across the lake. It was quiet, relaxed, and felt worlds away from Disney,” the Disney World fan wrote.

This might not be a selling point for Walt Disney World Resort Guests who truly want to feel like they are immersed in Disney magic during every moment of their Disney World vacations, but the Fort Wilderness campground can certainly be a high point for nature lovers, bird watchers, and everyone in between!

“Waking up every morning surrounded by trees and to the sounds of birds was peaceful and helped me feel refreshed. It was also the perfect place to come back to after a long day at the parks,” Langston continued, adding that, in addition, “the pace at Fort Wilderness is also much slower than other Disney resorts. Instead of busy lobbies and music, the campground is spacious and quiet.”

Fort Wilderness Signage

Fort Wilderness Resort is close to Wilderness Lodge near Walt Disney World Resort. Credit: Campendium

Even though Disney Value Resorts have their place, they are known for being family destinations (which means more children and, therefore, more noise). For a Disney Guest who would prefer to be in a quiet space away from the theme park ambiance, and who doesn’t want to spring for the more expensive Deluxe Resorts, this campground location could be a great option!

If you really don’t want to rough it in tents or RVs, then keep in mind that there are cabins at the Disney Resort that are available and, according to Langston, provide “more space and more privacy than most resort rooms would — and at a fair price.”

Fort Wilderness also has activities like horseback riding, kayaking, bike riding, and archery. Be sure to pay attention to the sand and gravel on the trails if you’re biking, hiking, or horseback riding; Disney has an exciting pilot program in place that involves using recycled glass to pave the trails along the campsite!

Are you a fan of the more rustic Disney Resorts that make you feel like you’re a world away from Disney World, or do you prefer to stay immersed in Disney Park vibes throughout your trip to Florida? Let us know how you like to approach your Disney Park trips for your Disney vacation on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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