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Fans Worried Disney Cast Members Will Face Sexual Harassment from Guests

Bad behavior from Guests is not new, but fans are worried that certain new Disney Park performers might not be treated all that well.

The Cast Members in Disney Parks are the heart of the Disney magic and Disney experience, whether at Disney World in the Magic Kingdom or at Disneyland Park in Disneyland Resort. Guests from all around the world flock to the Theme Parks to be able to meet their favorite characters. Recently, many videos have been circulating of Cast Members making Guests feel special and seen in ways that take them by surprise.


Sleeping Beauty Castle/Disney

We found at the D23 Expo that there were going to be some new characters coming to the Disney Parks, particularly, Disneyland Resort. Chairman, Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products,  Josh D’Amaro joined Jon Favreau, writer, and director of The Mandalorian on Disney+, to announce that Mando and Grogu would be coming to Disneyland Resort in mid-November for a new meet and greet opp.

However, in recent times, the coverage of Guests misbehaving with Cast Members has increased tremendously and one fan took to the social media platform TikTok to share her views.

Check it out:


because some of y’all… i want to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you’re joking #themandalorian

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@galacticcowpoke expressed concern that Din Djarin and the child, popularly known as “Baby Yoda,” would face harassment from Guests in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. She even went on to say, “I give this six months, and that’s being nice about it…These poor people are not being paid enough for this… are they? They’re just not.”

@galacticcowpoke continued in her video, “I know that you know that this is just an underpaid Theme Park employee,” she explained. “So I’m going to need you to not sexually harass these people while they’re at work.”

Mando and Grogu on stage at D23/Star Wars

Mando and Grogu on stage at D23/Star Wars

Many fellow fans agreed wholeheartedly in the comments. Tiktok user Kristine Daee said, “I give it a week before he becomes a balcony meet and greet like on avengers campus.”

Another user, Ennnakin skywalker also corroborated, “Litterally the reason they took so long to put loki in the theme park, and bucky still isnt there.”

Last month, we at Disney Fanatic reported on how many Guests will often “mercilessly” touch a character like Tarzan and Jack Sparrow without permission.

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All fans and Guests must remember that a Cast Member is a person first, with boundaries that need to be respected. They are the heart of the Disney experience, and it’s essential to treat them with the respect afforded to that role when visiting the Walt Disney World Resort or other Theme Parks.

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