Fired News Anchor Begs Fans For Rent Money, While on a Trip to Disney World

fired anchor begs for money while at Disney World
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We all know that a trip to Walt Disney World in Central Florida can be expensive. And for the sake of hyperbole, we all say that we would “do anything” just to return to the Most Magical Place on Earth, but we don’t really mean that. But some people would do almost anything to ensure they had the best Disney World vacation ever, even if that meant breaking the law.

We’ve seen it dozens of times in the past. A couple stole $200,000 from a celebrity chef or Board members from a police charity who stole thousands to fund their Disney trip. Or even the Pastor who stole millions from his congregation to fund, among other things, his lavish trip to Disney.

Pastor Calvin Robinson

Pastor Calvin Robinson. Credit: Gage Skidmore, Flickr

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But we rarely see a GoFundMe as a way to raise money for Disney. GoFundMe is usually reserved for tragedies or influencers helping out an elderly cast member. 

We have a GoFundMe scandal involving a fired news host and his trip to Disney World. Pastor Calvin Robinson was fired from his show on the right-wing GB News, similar to Fox News in America. Robinson was fired after supporting fellow-fired newscaster Laurence Fox, who was involved in a misogyny scandal at the Network.

After being fired, Robinson set up a GoFundMe page claiming he was raising money to “keep a roof over my head.”

Robinson’s Firing

Robinson was fired from the GB News Network after taking to X (formerly Twitter) to show support for his fellow anchor Laurence Fox. Fox was fired from the Network after making a sexist remark about reporter Ava Evans. During an interview, Fox asked on air of Evans, “Who would want to shag that?”

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Disney World

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

After his firing for the sexist remark, Robinson took to X and said:

How long can a station keep calling itself “the home of free speech” when it continues to engage in cancel culture? I supported my friends/colleagues and will continue to do so. That should not be a fireable offence. GB News is controlled opposition.

The Network immediately suspended Robinson and terminated his contract shortly after that. That was when he took to X, claiming he was “literally. jobless” and begging his supporters to send money to his GoFundMe page. Robinson wrote in his plea:

I rent a flat in London that I don’t know how I’m going to afford. If you’d like to support me in any way, keep a roof over my head and enable me to continue that ministry [in Harlesden] while I look at how I’m going to use my platform going forwards, from my public ministry, please do drop something into my crowdfund.

However, less than a week after making this plea to his supporters, Robinson posted to his Instagram account that he was on a “pre-arranged” preaching trip to Disney World in Central Florida and that he was trying to clear his head at Disney’s Hollywood Studios by exploring Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

When reached for comment, Robinson said that the trip was pre-arranged, that the organizers of his speaking engagement covered all of his expenses, including his day at Hollywood Studios, and that he did not pay any of the costs associated with the trip.

While Robinson may not have done anything wrong, asking for cash and support while on vacation at a theme park in the United States is a bad look. Social media will always assume the worst, and even his fans may not see the reasons for donating their earnings to such a person. It is unclear if Robinson raised the thousands he hoped for, as he has since taken the GoFundMe down.

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