Former Employee Begs For Support As Disney Continues “Jerking Around” Cast Members

Disney Cast Members Rally

Walt Disney World Resort fans, Walt Disney Company stockholders, and anyone who follows Central Florida news will be familiar with the ongoing tension that exists between the Walt Disney Company and its Walt Disney World employees, whose union is fighting to get them raises.

Now one former Cast Member has joined in the conflict — which has continued for months, with wage negotiations between Disney and the union only worsening — and this former Disney employee has a lot to say!

Disney World Cast Members

Credit: Disney

Disney’s reputation was already in freefall after Cast Members began openly speaking about their struggles with poverty, homelessness, and an inability to pay for basic necessities like food, shelter, and medical expenses. Some Cast Members spoke online about being paid so little that they had to live in their cars and sleep in the Disney parking lots in between their shifts.

Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger seemed to make things worse when he visited Disney World and praised the Cast Members for their hard work, receiving lots of negative feedback online.

Now that Walt Disney World Resort also recently did itself no favors once again by donating thousands of dollars to a Central Florida homeless charity (but still refusing to budge on Cast Members’ wages despite their own homelessness), tensions have heightened even more.

A former Magic Kingdom greeter named Sara (@the3.mouseketeers) took to social media to say her piece about Cast Members’ low wages, and openly accused Disney of “jerking around” its employees’ union.

Cast Member Strike

Credit: Local Orlando Union

After first explaining the benefits of offsite accommodations for Disney vacations (and revealing why the Magic Kingdom rope drop is a “total scam”), Sara went on to ask TikTok viewers for their help in supporting Disney Cast Members.

“Disney Cast Members need a raise,” Sara began. “so let’s all show our support for Disney Cast Members…Disney is really jerking them [the Cast Members’ union] around right now.”


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“We need to have their backs,” Sara continued. “because without the Cast Members, you don’t have a place to go to.

Have you been following the wage negotiations between Disney Cast Members’ union and the Walt Disney Company?

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