Girlfriend’s Guide to Disney World Resort – 15 Things Moms Need to Know for Their Trip

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A successful Walt Disney World vacation requires strategy and planning for any group visiting the happiest place on earth. Moms visiting the park may feel like they need their own personal bag of pixie dust to combat such a magical but hectic vacation with kids. No need to worry, we can provide the tips to help you vacation like a Disney pro, even if this is your first time vacationing with Mickey and the gang.

15. Pack Like a Pro.

Being prepared for a Disney vacation with your little ones is important. Pack like a professional by scouring blogs for tips and talking to friends that frequent the happiest place on earth to get the lowdown on expert packing. Remembering to bring along the necessary medications, clothes, snacks and toys will save major money when you arrive in Orlando.

14. You can Bring Snacks in the Park.

Unlike some other theme parks, Walt Disney World does allow guests to bring snacks and nonalcoholic drinks into the parks. Little ones that love to munch and sip, necessitate plenty of snack options. Carrying along lightweight snacks like fruit, juice boxes, crackers, and fruit snacks are a great idea for kids looking for a bit of refreshment between rides. Bonus points, you do not have to spend the time or money to purchase a drink or Mickey shaped snack every time someone in the group wants to chow down.

13. Reading Dining Reviews Are Worth It.

For first time travelers, the array of Disney dining options is likely pretty overwhelming. The good news is, the Disney website and customer service chat options on the site can quickly help you decipher the differences between restaurant offerings, prices, and locations. Do take the time to research restaurants prior to your vacation and book any restaurants you are interested in trying. There are lots of reviews on the web discussing food, atmosphere, value, characters, locations and all other details of Disney dining.

12. There are Maps of Park Restrooms Online.

Moms know that young children sometimes remember they need to go to the restroom a few minutes before they actually have to go. Be prepared for that mad dash to the restroom by familiarizing yourself with the restrooms around the parks. Maps on the Disney website are a great resource to utilize as you plan your day in the parks and build in some bathroom breaks between attractions. Knowing the closest restroom location will keep you from backtracking through the park and wasting precious park time.

11. Rider Swap is a Vacation Success for Everyone.

Disney’s rider swap system allows both parents to ride attractions that restrict smaller riders. Simply obtain a rider swap pass from a cast member when hopping in the attraction line and enjoy the benefit of riding the attraction separately while your little ones remain secure with the other adult while each of you ride.

10. Fast passes are Worth Their Weight in Gold.

Fast passes are literally your ticket to the front of the lines in the park. For mom’s traveling with little ones, fast passes feel even more special. Take the time to plan your fast passes carefully, months before your vacation. Snagging a fast pass for high traffic rides your family has to see could mean skipping lines that are hours long.

9. The Florida Heat is Tough.

Even people that are accustomed to warm weather will likely get weary from the heat during the park day. The Florida heat rising from the pavement in the park is no joke. Plan to combat the heat head-on by staying hydrated, reapplying sunscreen frequently, and remembering hats and sunglasses in your park bag. Children burn really easily, so keep a close eye on their sunscreen application in the parks or pool. Personal fans from a dollar store are great park prizes for moms to distribute to children to keep them comfortable in the park. Everyone in your group will be happier if they aren’t squinting in the sun or tending to a painful sunburn during their Disney vacation.

8. Pool Time Is a Must.

As you probably guessed, a great way to be the heat at Disney involves taking a dip in a resort pool. Walt Disney World pools have a reputation for being pretty incredible. Depending on the resort are staying at you may have the chance to fly down a water slide, play at a splash pad, relax in a quiet pool, float on a lazy river or clown around with resort activity counselors and play pool games. Making time for an afternoon, morning, or evening at the pool is a great way to keep the kids immersed in Disney fun while giving Mom a break from the parks. With free life jackets available at some resorts, great life guards on duty and activity counselors nearby, adults get a chance to take a few moments to soak it all in and watch children have fun from a nearby deck chair.

7. Staying at a Disney Resort is Easier on Mom.

Disney veterans have different opinions about Disney resorts and staying on the property. Some families automatically tag this experience as an expensive one and choose to stay off the property. Other families may choose not to venture down to Walt Disney World without a room on the property. However, one fact we can likely all agree on is that staying at a Walt Disney World resort makes vacationing easier for Moms. Complementary transportation, Disney experts ready to answer questions at any time, in room wake up calls, great theming, affordable nearby dining options and the opportunity to park the family car upon arrival are all huge selling points of staying at a Disney resort that makes the vacation less stressful and more enjoyable for Mom.

6. You Can Fast Pass Some Character Meets.

Most families agree that a Disney vacation is not complete without the chance to rub elbows with some famous Disney characters. If your family tradition involves snapping a family photo with Mickey Mouse or a princess on each family vacation, you are in luck. Some character kiosks allow guests the opportunity to fast pass character meets to cut down on wait time.

5. Factor in Time to Unwind.

Sure, Disney vacations may be a bit more action packed than other vacation options. That is no reason to think that you should not kick back and relax on a Disney vacation. Enjoying the slower pace of vacation may mean spending an evening watching movies in your resort room and heading to bed early, sleeping in one morning, sending the kids to kid’s camp and spending some time alone at Disney Springs or a Disney spa or enjoying an adult only meal. Regardless of how you choose to relax on your vacation, look for opportunities to add relaxation to your schedule.

4. Plan on Taking Advantage of Extra Magic Hours.

Extra magic hours are a busy mom’s friend at Walt Disney World. Hitting the parks early or late during extra magic hours means shorter attraction wait lines, accomplishing more on your Disney to-do list, cooler temperatures, and happier kids. All moms staying at a Disney resort should research extra magic hours during their vacation and choose to take advantage of the schedule to get a bigger bang for your buck.

3. Table Service Dining is Really Fun.

If you are a mom exploring table service dining for the first time ever do not fear, table service dining is a great choice for families. Character meals, buffets, bottomless food served at your table and dinner shows are all some fun and family friendly options to enjoy on the property. Consult the Disney website to learn more about menus, pricing and theming at restaurants and secure table service reservation before your Disney vacation.

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2. Kids Camps are an Option.

Kid’s club day camps are an option for Disney guests. If you are looking for some time to yourself during your Disney vacation, check out childcare options near your resort. The kids will have a great time meeting new friends and experiencing a new bit of Disney magic while you get to explore or relax on your own.

1. A Great Attitude is a Disney Packing Must.

You are never fully dressed without a smile, this thought rings through at Disney World too. Regardless of how detailed your vacation plan is, some surprises are sure to pop up and alter your plans a bit. Stay flexible, positive, and continually focus on having a great time with your family and making fantastic memories. Refuse to let stormy weather, a sick kid, long attraction line, or any other twist of fate keep you from having fun. Roll with the punches, stay positive, and have a great vacation!

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