Goofy Receives Unexpected Honor In South America


The classic Disney character known as Goofy might seemed to be outshined by more modern animated characters these days, such as Stitch, Pascal, and Bruno — but Goofy is still a fan-favorite among Disney enthusiasts, and a favorite among Disney Park guests who meet him, so it will not be too surprising to readers to learn that Goofy has just become the talk of the town once again!

One surprise factor, however, might be where Goofy has become the talk of the town: the South American country called Brazil. In Campinas, which is located within Brazil’s famous city Sao Paulo, Goofy showed up to celebrate being one of the five beloved characters who will have their own plane!

Goofy was accompanied to Brazil by Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Minnie Mouse, and (of course) Mickey Mouse. These are the other four Disney characters who have their own planes, decorated in their likenesses. Hundreds of VIPs attended the ceremonial event honoring Goofy, and performers like Brazilian star Sandy (and her husband Lucas Lima) treated guests to some special performances.


Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Azul Linhas Aéreas (the Brazilian airline that hosts the other four planes) teamed up with Walt Disney World Resort to make Goofy’s plane the fifth addition to “The World’s Most Magical Fleet”, commemorating the event by bringing the other four planes into the Azul Linheas Aéreas hangar for the special day. This was the first time that all four planes were together!


Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The Disney Parks Blog has also revealed that “with the addition of the fifth plane, Azul Linheas Aéreas will have the largest Disney Character-inspired fleet flying anywhere in the world today.”

If you’re a fan of Goofy, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the classic Disney character is getting such a big honor — and as the Disney Parks Blog put it, “if you get a chance to visit Brazil, don’t forget to look up at the clouds. Who knows which Disney pal you will see”!

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