Guests Evacuated After Alarms Sound at Space Mountain

Ride stops and evacuations are a fairly normal occurrence at any theme park, but one recent evacuation off Space Mountain at Disneyland Park left Guests feeling particularly rattled. Typically when attractions are evacuated at a Disney Park and Guests are instructed to walk off, an automated message followed by a live Cast Member will calmly alert Guests to further instructions. After a recent trip to Disneyland, however, one Reddit user detailed an instance where things became more hectic at Space Mountain.

Space Mountain-Disneyland

Credit: Disney

Reddit user u/lebronismycousin details their visit to Space Mountain on March 2, 2022 sharing:

Just had to leave Space Mountain queue after and alarm went off and a prerecorded message said to leave the building.

No sign of a fire.

Anyone know what’s going on?

Comments on the Reddit thread from other Guests in the park at the time echo what u/lebronismycousin initially posted, and while the initial post mentioned being in line to get onto the roller coaster others mentioned that they were on the ride at the time of the alarms and prerecorded messages and that they were ultimately evacuated off the rockets.

The reason for the evacuation is not clear, however, given the alarm that is not a typical part of an evacuation, it is possible a Guest was smoking inside the building and a detector was set off. (Of course, smoking is not allowed inside any buildings at the Disneyland Resort. Smoking, including vaping and e-cigarettes, is only allowed in designated areas while visiting Disneyland Resort hotels, Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, and the Downtown Disney District.)

Space Mountain Disneyland

Credit: Disney

Rides can be evacuated for a number of reasons, including ride vehicles becoming backed up due to slow load/unload processes, malfunctions, a select few lost and found situations, and intrusions (whether a Guest exits an attraction at any point other than at the unload station or an object causes a sensor to go off.) With the recent Space Mountain evacuation, smoke in the area around the space port or space station seems to be the most probable cause as the aforementioned reasons would usually not set off any audible alarms.

Guests affected by theme park ride evacuations like this one are given some kind of Guest Service Recovery from Disney Cast Members as they exit the attraction, typically in the form of a return time to ride and re-enter the queue through the Lightning Lane entrance rather than the standby line.

Credit: Disney

Since the evacuation from the queue and each ride vehicle yesterday, Disneyland’s Space Mountain appears to be up and running as usual today. The classic Tomorrowland ride is an extremely popular Disneyland attraction, so if you have a visit to the park coming up do not let incidents like this deter you from riding (but do hop in line early or use Lightning Lane) as lines for Space Mountain can become quite long.

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