Guests Rally Together While Trapped On Disney World Ride


It seems safe to say that many Walt Disney World Resort Guests have been leaving their Disney vacations with some disappointment these days. Whether it’s been caused by lackluster food, high prices, or confrontational other Guests (or even Cast Members), tensions in Disney World seem high.

That tension has only been exacerbated by the “ridiculous” number of ride breakdowns in both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort — but on one recent occasion, it looks like Disney Guests were actually able to make light of the situation!

carousel of progress

Photo Credit: Disney Photo Tour

On the classic Walt Disney World Resort (and World Trades Fair) ride called Carousel of Progress, which is a dinosaur in some Disney fans’ minds but a precious treasure in other Disney fans’ minds, the ride’s audience found themselves somewhat ‘physically’ captivated (more than metaphorically) by the show.

According to the TikTok video shown above from @puimonologist, the ride broke down, ‘trapping’ everyone inside one scene from the show temporarily — and the Carousel of Progress crowd responded by loudly yelling, laughing, and clapping in unison to demand their ‘release’.

Technically, members of the audience could (and did) leave, but they were being told by Cast Members to stay seated and watch the same portion of the Carousel of Progress ride (which features animatronics speaking scripted lines) over and over again.

Carousel Of Progress

Carousel of Progress Credit: Disney

The ride glitch and malfunction did not get repaired in a timely fashion, so everyone in the crowd did end up walking out and ignoring Cast Members’ instructions to stay put after watching the same scene at least four times– but in this case, the mood actually seemed cheerier than we have seen during other roller coaster ride breakdowns at Disney World!

Would you stay cheerful and good-humored during this situation if you were a Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney World Resort Guest, and stay put as ordered, or would you leave in frustration right away? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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