Have You Experienced These Top 10 Nighttime Activities At The Magic Kingdom?

Disney Castle at Night

When the sun goes down at Walt Disney World, there are a whole slew of things that become more fun at the Magic Kingdom. The entire park takes on a new character when the sun sets and the lights come on. Here is our list of the top ten nighttime activities at the Magic Kingdom!

10 – Take Sail on the Jungle Cruise – once the sun goes down, setting sail on the Jungle Cruise can be an even more adventurous experience. The animals look different and the ride takes on a little more mystery. The boats are equipped with searchlights, so guests can see the animals. It is also nice taking a ride on the Jungle Cruise because you will get a little breeze off of the water and it is a nice way to cool down and relax at night!

9 – Ride Either of the Mountains in Frontierland – both Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad are better experienced at night. Thunder Mountain seems all the more thrilling at night when you can’t see the next turn coming up and Splash Mountain offers an amazing view of Cinderella’s Castle alight before taking your final drop down into the Briar Patch!

8 – The Parades Are Better – No offense to the Festival of Fantasy Parade with a fire-breathing dragon, but parades are better at night when the floats include a bevy of lights. There is something more magical about the floats in the Main Street Electrical Parade as compared to the Festival of Fantasy Parade.

7 – A Nighttime Ride on the TTA – we love taking a ride on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority and seeing all of Tomorrowland awash with colorful lights and neon. You even get great views of Cinderella’s Castle as you pass by the front of Tomorrowland. If you are able to time your trip properly, you may even get a great view of Wishes!

6 – A Ride on the Walt Disney World Railroad – a nighttime ride on the Walt Disney World Railroad can be something that transports you not only in place, but time, as well. Riding along in your rail car, you will not feel like you are in present time. The theming on the railroad goes an extra step when light is taken from the occasion and you only have the lights of the train and the stations to guide your way. You’ll definitely want to try this on your next trip there!

5 – Fireworks – one of the best things that Magic Kingdom has to offer at night is their nighttime fireworks spectacular, Wishes! One of the best spots to view the fireworks from is from the Hub or anywhere on Main Street, U.S.A., so you may want to grab a spot early or consider using one of you FastPass+ selections for preferred seating for Wishes. If you are down there during the holidays, be sure to check out the holiday versions of Wishes at Halloween and Christmas!

4 – Celebrate the Magic – another wonderful show at Magic Kingdom that usually is presented in the 15-20 minutes before Wishes is schedule to begin. Disney uses a variety of projection cameras to blanket Cinderella Castle in scenes from classic Disney movies, a well as new classics. Much like Wishes, you won’t want to miss this show, so make sure you stake a spot out before it begins!

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3 – Stroll Main Street, U.S.A. – Main Street takes on a new persona at night as all of lights bathe the street in a glow of electric light. We enjoy walking both sides of the streets and looking into the stores, grabbing a drink from the Main Street Bakery, and, of course, getting something sweet to snack on from the Confectionary! It may also be a good time to check out something new, like the Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom. You can pick up you cards and map from the Fire Station in Town Square.

2 – Explore Storybook Circus – the only area of the park more inviting at night is the Storybook Circus area of Fantasyland. Going here will make you feel like you are visiting an old-time country fair at night. The rides feel magical. The food tastes better. The smells are more aromatic. I love walking around this area with a popcorn or a pretzel and then going to explore Big Top Souvenirs for the latest Disney memorabilia!

1 – Swiss Family Treehouse – this is a favorite at night for many reasons – first, there won’t be anyone else taking advantage of the attraction, so you can take as long as you’d like walking through the treehouse and exploring the rooms. Second, if you time it correctly, you will be treated to an amazing view of Wishes from the top of the treehouse! You can also get a good view through the Hub of Tomorrowland all lit up! This is a must-do!

Magic Kingdom (or any of the parks) at night is a magical place. Be sure to plan some time into your trip to explore the parks at night. What is your favorite thing to do in the parks at night?

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